Honorary graduates

Tim Noble and Sue Webster2009

Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Collaborative artists of international acclaim

Honorary Degrees of Doctors of Art in recognition of their role as major contributors to contemporary British art, their radical influence on younger generations of artists and as indicators of the role Nottingham has had in producing exciting and culturally relevant arts practitioners.

The remarkable and provocative creations of this distinctly punkish artistic partnership, held in public and private collections around the world, have their roots in the time when both Tim Noble and Sue Webster were students of Fine Art at Trent Polytechnic in the 1980s.

Their teamwork converts the debris of modern society into challenging forms and sculptures that have been dubbed both art and anti-art.  Their first solo show in London in 1996 was uncompromisingly titled British Rubbish and it has been followed by exhibitions elsewhere in Europe and in the USA.

Works by Noble and Webster stand in permanent collections of Modern Art, from Copenhagen to New York, London to Iran and South Korea.  Their contribution as young British radicals is widely regarded as an important step in opening up new routes, followed by other individual artists who have made their names through shock and sensation.


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