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175 Years, 175 scholarships for those that need your help the most



In 2018 Nottingham Trent is celebrating its 175th Anniversary year since the opening of its first founding institution. In 1843 the Nottingham Government School of Design opened its doors, and in the decades that followed, joined with other colleges and institutions that served the city of Nottingham and the wider region before becoming the award winning University it is today.


We have much to be proud of in providing generations of highly educated & skilled graduates from all backgrounds who have gone on to make a real and lasting difference to society.


As we celebrate this special year, we are also seeking to build on that great legacy, by ensuring that we continue to support the students who need help the most.

Who are the Students you can support today?

1 in 4 of NTU’s current student population come from families with less than £15,000 in income. As it’s our 175th year we are planning to award scholarship support to 175 of our most disadvantaged students. We will help those in real hardship, as well as those hard working students realise their potential by providing course materials, covering additional costs for trips and employment enhancing work placements, that would otherwise be out of reach.

NTU is an award winning University in part because of the dedicated efforts to bring young people into higher education from the poorest communities throughout the UK. We are a University that produces highly employable graduates that have a massive impact on wider society. But we need to ensure that this success is shared among all of our students, and that the playing field is levelled for everyone regardless of their background.

By choosing to support our students today,  you are supporting those that need your help the most. Please be assured that your gift will change lives for the better, unleashing potential and creativity, and building on your University’s future, so thank you.





Alexandra, Scholarship recipient

BSc in Forensic Science in 2016

‘’As a recipient of the support made possible by our alumni, I know first-hand that the impact is truly life changing. The Alumni funding gave me access to resources I could not have had otherwise, and, importantly, it encouraged me to accept that I was capable, and that someone believed in me.’’



How can a scholarship support 175 students this year?

  • Goes to those from the poorest of backgrounds, where family income is £15,000 or less.
  • Supports those in genuine hardship, with nobody else to turn to
  • Helps fund creative and innovative students gain access to course materials that ensure better results
  • Pays towards otherwise out of reach course trips & work placements that make a real difference
  • On average, it costs between £250 and £1,500 to make a difference to one student. Please consider giving what you can. A gift of £20 per month over 3 years will be worth £900 including Gift Aid.


What are the challenges facing 1 in 4 of our students?

  • 34% more likely to gain poorer results than those from more affluent backgrounds
  • At a higher risk of stress and dropping out due to financial worries
  • Have no one to turn to when faced with unexpected costs
  • Miss out on access to course materials and work placements that lead to better degree results and employment opportunities.



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