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What is the Alumni Fund?

Students learn to play ukuleles

The Alumni Fund is a way that former students can support current students by donating money into a collective fund. For over ten years many of our alumni have given back to the University to enable our general project funds to provide support that is used for the benefit of students in three main areas:

  • Supporting academic achievement and excellence through new scholarships, bursaries and awards - including special awards for exceptional athletes and musicians
  • Enhancing the learning experience by adding extra learning resources and kick-starting new opportunities for students that may not otherwise be possible
  • Creating inspiring surroundings by enhancing the campus environment to ensure that NTU continues to grow as a great place to study.

A wide variety of projects across the University have already been supported, and you can read about these in our annual donor newsletter (called Shaping Futures) and on our Alumni Fund projects page.

Alumni Fund scholarships

Since the launch of the Alumni Fund Scholarship scheme in 2011/12 we have been delighted to award over 40 scholarships to first year students from low-income backgrounds, helping to ensure that finance wasn't a stumbling block to their university education.

In the future, with your help and generosity, we'd like to assist many more students in this way.

Telephone programme

One of the main ways we raise money for the Alumni Fund is through our telephone campaign.

During the autumn and spring terms, current students are employed by the University to call our alumni to talk about their experiences at Nottingham Trent, exciting developments happening here, as well as asking for support towards our current priority projects.

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Meet our Award winners

I'd like to say a big thank you to the donors and contributors. The fund has allowed me to take my mind off my financial restraints and focus on my goal and realise that it's possible and that there is help available.
Ana, recipient of Alumni Fund scholarship 2011/12

Ana was a recipient of an Alumni Fund scholarship

How your alumni gifts help

Read more news of the projects and individual students supported by your Alumni Fund gifts.

 A real strength of the Alumni Fund is that it enables donors to join together to have a bigger impact than standing alone - it's about what we can do together. So whether your gifts are large or more modest, you know that together they can have a transformational effect on students of the future and the world of tomorrow.