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Our official alumni ambassadors

Less formal groups are run by

Membership to all of these groups is FREE – we just need your permission for the University to share data with the alumni ambassador in your country. To arrange this:

  1. Update your details by logging into Venture Online, your alumni online community. Login or register here.
  2. Once logged in as a full member select 'Update my details'.
  3. Once you have updated your information, email us at to give your permission for data transfer to the relevant alumni ambassador/ group contact.

Please note that our official alumni ambassadors have to sign a Data Processing Agreement which requires them to hold information securely and in strictest confidence. Please read our Data Protection statement for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering to organise a similar group where you live then please email us for more information. Check out our map to find out how many alumni live in your part of the world.

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