Membership guidelines

Who is eligible for membership of the NTU Alumni Community?

Membership of the Alumni Community is free and automatic for graduates who were fully enrolled on Nottingham Trent University courses and completed their studies in the UK.

Membership lasts for as long as former students keep in touch with the University's Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO), eg alumni are asked to keep DARO up-to-date whenever they move on personally or professionally.

Membership is also available on request for:

  • Former students who did not complete their course (provided that they were a member of the University community for at least one academic year)*.
  • Former students who did not graduate*.
  • Former students who we have lost touch with, whether they attended Nottingham Trent University or any of its predecessor institutions including, Nottingham and District Technical College, Nottingham Regional College of Technology, Nottingham College of Art and Design, Nottingham College of Education, Brackenhurst College, Trent Polytechnic and Nottingham Polytechnic.
  • Former students who completed their courses in any of Nottingham Trent University's franchise colleges - at home or abroad.
  • Former students who studied for a professional qualification at Nottingham Trent University.
  • Former students who studied for a Further Education qualification at Brackenhurst.
  • Parents of former students.
  • Former staff.

* Important Note: The Development and Alumni Relations Office groups former students into class graduation years in order to ensure that alumni receive relevant communications, and invitations to events relevant to their years of study. This in no way confirms that an individual completed their course or formally graduated in the year indicated.

Unfortunately, membership is not available to:

  • Former students whose courses were validated by Nottingham Trent University, but who did not study at the University or one of its franchise colleges.
  • Former students who attended short courses at Nottingham Trent University, such as the University-wide language programmes.


If you have any questions regarding membership of the Alumni Community, please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office by email or telephone +44 (0)115 848 8777.