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Michael Rosen – Writer, performer and teacher and a towering influence on children's reading

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Education (HonDEd) in recognition of his outstanding contribution to literature and learning, and his inspiration to teachers, parents and children.

Teachers, parents and, above all, children have a million reasons to admire and thank Michael Rosen for his writing, performances and talks. He has been a giant of children’s literature for four decades. His poems, stories, scripts and other work have inspired children to read, write, perform, explore and develop their interests and talents as they grow up.

After attending Watford Boys' Grammar School, and embarking briefly on medical training, Michael went to read English at Wadham College, Oxford. He joined the BBC as a graduate trainee, but since 1972 Michael has worked as a freelance writer and lecturer.

He was one of the first poets to tour UK schools and has also made visits to schools around the world. As an author, or collator of anthologies, he has produced more than 140 books. He was the fifth UK Children's Laureate (2007-09), and has been a guest lecturer at NTU.

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