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Michael Leach2009

Michael Leach - Internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer, author and conservationist

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science in recognition of his global contribution to the impact upon the field of conservation in general and animal science in particular.

More than 600 books around the world have included images from the lenses of Michael Leach, who has been photographing wildlife since 1977.

He has produced 24 books of his own, showcasing the remarkable pictures of apes, birds, big cats, bears and other creatures that have made him one of the top professionals of his time. He captures brilliant and beautiful pictures through his personal blend of resourcefulness, determination, patience and empathy with the natural world, as well as his exceptional skill with eye and hand. He also prepares carefully for each shoot with a high level of research to deepen his understanding of the animals, their behaviour and habitats.

Michael makes a significant contribution to the field of conservation in general and animal science in particular. He cultivates a wider appreciation of animal and environmental issues through talks, exhibitions and broadcasts. He also provides substantial support to education, including the University's School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences.

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