Honorary graduates


Kristin Hallenga

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Public Administration in recognition of her significant contribution to charity work, health awareness and community spirit.

Kristin Hallenga


Diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer aged only 23, Kris combines her treatment with doing everything in her power to make sure young people raise their awareness and understanding of the condition, which can also occur in men.

Within months, she founded CoppaFeel!, the first charity aimed at boys and girls promoting healthy habits and self-checks through a range of events, workshops and campaigns in schools and universities and with the media.

She made a BBC3 documentary about her life and work in 2014. She is the charity’s CEO and continues with monthly visits to hospital for top-ups of what she calls – with characteristic straightforwardness - “bone-juice”.

CoppaFeel! engages with other cancer organisations to co-ordinate awareness and action over the widest field. Kristin is now 29.


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