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John Burrows2009

Mr John Burrows

Honorary Degree of Social Sciences in recognition of his extensive and sustained contribution to knowledge, policy and practice in the field of criminological research.


John Burrows is­ a major influence on community safety and crime prevention.

A society that is increasingly security conscious at home, at work, in travel and leisure situations, relies on the advice, expertise and foresight of people like John Burrows. He is a management consultant, a founding partner of MHB (Morgan, Harris, Burrows), whose influence is rooted in his years at the Home Office, where he worked with the Research and Planning Unit, the Crime Prevention Unit and undertook a two-year secondment to the Metropolitan Police Policy Committee Support Group.

He has co-ordinated pioneering inter-agency crime prevention work, (later taken up in the Safer Cities programme) and wide-ranging projects in policing and community safety partnerships, judicial and forensic science procedures, anti-business crime initiatives, drugs and youth offending. He has served as a visiting professor at NTU and he and his firm have an ongoing relationship that contributes to the criminology research of the School of Social Sciences.

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