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David Lewis2012

David Lewis - Outstanding leader in gloabal sustainable business and management

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration (Hon DBA) in recognition of his outstanding service to creative and sustainable business leadership and development within a global corporation.

In 25 years Dave Lewis has moved within the same company from graduate trainee to chairman for UK & Ireland and President for the Americas.

He joined Lever Brothers with his Business Studies degree from Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University), and is currently President of Personal Care, a member of the Unilever Leadership Executive, with an overview of brands of everyday health and well-being products from Dove soap to Vaseline.

He has worked around the world and played a key role in the development of Unilever business operations and its sustainable living plan to serve its customers while minimising the impact on the environment. His leadership of a major multinational corporation in Europe, Asia and the Americas has gained him an international reputation beyond business circles among the professions and public affairs.

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