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Sir David Attenborough2010

Sir David Attenborough - A Darwin for our times, a supreme communicator about the natural world

Honorary degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) in recognition of his outstanding contribution to public awareness and understanding about life on Earth.

A scientist and broadcasting professional, David Attenborough has perfected the power of television to inform people about life on Earth, and to spread appreciation of its diversity and value. He grew up on the campus of University College, Leicester (now the University), where his father was principal. He read geology and zoology at Cambridge. He joined the BBC as a trainee in 1952 and soon made a mark presenting Zoo Quest, both in the studio and in its pioneering films on animals in the wild. More recently he ensured his place in broadcasting history with the comprehensive Life series, made across 20 years, celebrating animals, plant life and environments from the Arctic to tropical jungles.

With his books, radio talks and personal appearances, his career presents a fresh way of seeing the human species in the wider global context. His extensive honours and awards include the Order of Merit.

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