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Constantinos Gioulekas - Prominent politician, journalist and lawyer

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration

After a 20-plus year combined career in law and journalism, Constantinos Gioulekas entered parliament for Thessaloniki in 2004 and, in January this year, became Deputy Minister of the Interior, with responsibility for the Media.

He worked in newspapers, radio and television, as newscaster, foreign reporter and in production, editorial and management positions. In the New Demokratia party, he has helped found its Youth Association, supervise its elections and develop policy for law and culture. His first election to Parliament in 2000 lasted only a few months because of constitutional changes, but since his return he has served Parliamentary committees on European and foreign affairs, culture and education, public order and justice and constitutional reform. He promotes inter-parliamentary links with Serbia-Montenegro, Albania, USA, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

For 35 years he has collected and exhibited documents and other material from Greek military history. Under NTU's collaboration with Athens Graduate School of Management, a leading business school in Greece, courses from Nottingham Business School are taught in the Greek language, and have won accolades for quality.

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