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Baron Bhikhu Parekh of Kington upon Hull2011

Baron Bhikhu Parekh of Kingston upon Hull

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Social Sciences (HonSoc Sci) in recognition of his outstanding contribution to political science in the fields of multiculturalism and race relations.

In a distinguished academic career in his native India and the United Kingdom, Bhikhu Parekh has made a significant contribution to political science and, in particular, to issues of multiculturalism in a pluralistic society. He has achieved this through decades of research and teaching, and publications spanning nearly 40 years.

These include specially commissioned reports, such as his 1990 assessment for the Commission for Racial Equality of the affair involving author Salman Rushdie and its coverage by the British Press.

He was on the staff of the University of Hull and took that city’s name in his title when created a life peer in 2000.

Lord Parekh works alongside NTU staff in the Higher Education Academy’s initiative to attract more sixth-formers to study politics at university.

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