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8 November 2016

Darren StantonNTU alumnus and world renowned Human Lie Detector Darren Stanton (Headstart Programme 2002) will be hitting our TV screens in the New Year. 

Darren has been a regular guest on UK radio and has participated on national TV shows like ITV's This Morning and BBC's The One Show. He has also written articles for major UK newspapers as well as magazines such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Heat

Darren will soon begin filming for ITV1’s Judge Rinder's Crime Stories where he will be a resident expert, and is due to appear on BBC1’s Would I Lie to You? 

Darren left behind a successful career as a police officer to become a renowned expert on body language, deception detection and influence and persuasion. He has assessed some of the world's biggest names in showbiz and politics - such as Crime StoriesDavid Cameron and Tony Blair, whilst his eclectic list of celebs stretches from the likes of Johnny Depp to Taylor Swift. 

More recently he’s had his eye on US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He said: “It is almost a year since I was first asked to analyse the body language of the Presidential Candidates. Within a few short months it was clear that Clinton and Trump would surge ahead in the polls. 

“At the time Trump had been making controversial statements about terrorism and immigration. I concluded that he was not just making these comments for bravado or PR  - he truly believed what he was saying. 

“As the campaign went along it became less about important political issues, and more about discrediting the other candidate.  We have seen allegations about Trump being disrespectful to women and more recently we saw the FBI clear Clinton of any wrong-doing with regards to her emails. 

“Both have demonstrated some interesting behavioural patterns during the course of the race to the White House. My own personal predication?  I think Clinton will clinch it.”

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