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Celebrating NTU’s collaboration with alumnus and Deputy Head Teacher of Forest Fields Primary School

7 November 2019

NTU Alumnus, Paul Charly (BA Primary Education), now Deputy Head Teacher of Forest Fields School has collaborated with Nottingham Trent University’s CenSCE team for last five years, delivering a range of mutually beneficial activities to enhance both institutions.  

Paul said: “It’s fantastic that there are plenty of ways for schools to collaborate and connect with NTU. From supporting NTU Education students with their teacher-training placements, to giving University-guided tours of facilities at the Clifton and City campuses to our own year fives and sixes. We’re fortunate that we can enhance the experiences for students in both institutions.”

Paul and NTU colleagues have created a highly successful sports partnership with numerous collaborations including, visits to use sports facilities to celebrate the end of the year, using the climbing wall as class prizes, and involving NTU students to facilitate sports over lunchtimes.

Forest Fields and NTU have also worked together to deliver projects such as “Character Curriculum”, which enables children to understand the personal depth and resilience needed when overcoming challenges, and positive thinking around failures. Evidence suggest that character matters hugely for variety of later life outcomes and can help to boost attainment, motivation and well-being of young people when finding career paths. 

Paul commented on the importance of involving NTU for Forest Fields students: “It is incredibly important for students in early years and older to understand the full scope of further study and the challenges that come ahead. Our role is to encourage, motivate and show that University is attainable for all.” 



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