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Azhakath Kodoli Gopalan Nair

Azhakath Kodoli Gopalan Nair (deceased)

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Design in recognition of his achievements in empowering fashion and design education in India, promoting international co-operation, nurturing creativity and innovation, and giving the educational opportunity of a lifetime to thousands of students in India and beyond.

Mr Nair has spearheaded the development of the Pearl Academy since 1993. Under his leadership, the Academy has seen its student population rise from 47 to more than 1,800 and it has opened centres in Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The growing profile of the Academy is based partly on its thriving international links, not least with NTU. It now offers NTU degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Mr Nair’s success reflects how he has provided a progressive educational framework to give students the skills they need at a time of rapid change in India. He has also forged strong industrial partnerships, ensuring the Academy produces graduates who can play a key role in the design, manufacturing and retail sectors.

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