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Mr Henry Normal - English comedian, television producer, poet and writer

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters in recognition of his significant contribution to the arts, particularly poetry, television and film.

Henry NormalBorn and bred in Nottingham, Henry Normal is a multi-award-winning writer, poet, comedian, and television and film producer. With 400 television shows, 30 films and 7 poetry collections to his name, Henry Normal has been instrumental in shaping British comedy. His television career began in 1991 with his debut in the comedy series Packet of Three, starring Jenny Eclair and Frank Skinner.

Henry’s success lead him on to set up his own production company Baby Cow Productions in 1999 with Steve Coogan, allowing them to nurture new talent, foster careers and even win a number of BAFTAs. Shows produced by his company include Gavin & Stacey, The Mighty Boosh and The Sketch Show.

Although Henry now resides in Brighton, Nottingham is a creative touchstone for him as he now patrons Nottingham City of Literature, the UNESCO status the city has won and an initiative for the region’s readers, writers and performers, to which NTU contributes fully.


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