Request transcript of results

Please note - due to the ongoing Coronavirus working restrictions the University is limited in the documents it is able to produce. Please visit the Academic Registry online store for further information.

How to request a transcript of results and how to request a duplicate certificate are two of the most frequent enquiries we receive! We aim to guide you through the process of requesting a transcript of results below. In some instances it may be necessary to request a verification letter instead.

A formal letter of verification from the University confirms the dates you attended, course studied and any qualification/s achieved. The cost for this document is £12.

A transcript is a document showing a student's academic attainments whilst at the University and will list the modules taken and the marks achieved for each year of study. There is no charge for duplicate transcripts if these can be generated by our academic School offices.

Undergraduate students who started their course or programme in 1993 or later should automatically have been issued with a transcript at the end of each year of study. If a duplicate is required then written application should be made to the appropriate faculty or school office.

Postgraduate students who started their course or programme in 1996 or later should apply to their appropriate faculty or school office.

Please include your name, date of birth, course, date of award and student number if you still have it. Please also provide an address for postage of the transcript.

For subjects within:
School of Science & Technology
School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences

For subjects within:
School of Art & Design
School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment
School of Arts and Humanities

For subjects within:
Nottingham Business School
Nottingham Institute of Education
Nottingham Law School
School of Social Sciences


Postgraduate students who started their course prior to 1996 and undergraduate students who commenced prior to 1993, please visit our Academic Registry online store and select 'Verification letter'.


Validation Service Students should contact: (for students that studied overseas) (for students that studied in the UK)
to obtain a letter of verification and enquire about transcripts.


Should you have any further questions about verification letters, please contact the Academic Registry. 
Tel: 0115 848 4658