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Joe’s thanks to alumni for supporting sporting success

3 August 2015

Joe SeamanFlatwater sprint canoeist Joseph Seaman (BSc Hons Sport Science Management 2011) received support from the Alumni Fund whilst he was at Nottingham Trent University to help him combine his studies with his sport.

Joe got in touch with the Alumni Association recently to give us an update, and to thank alumni for supporting him as a student. He said:

“To give you an update, I'm proud to say that I'm making a splash in the USA with the intentions of competing internationally in the sport of rowing. I've written an article that’s been published in one of the leading sports magazines in Texas. The article tells the story of how I ended up in Austin, my ambitions of putting Austin on the rowing map, and what it's like for a Brit to train in Texas!

“I couldn't have achieved this without your help though and I'd like to thank NTU alumni for supporting my flat-water sprint canoeing training and competitions whilst I was a student. 

“It was tough to juggle a 14 session/week training schedule whilst studying for my degree. I lived a different lifestyle to the average student - going to bed at 9.30 pm and waking up at 6.00 am, eating copious amounts of food, dedicating a bedroom to drying vast amounts of canoeing laundry and often having to take my coursework to far-flung competitions all over the world. 

“However, you made it all the more easy by providing me with financial support to enable me to eat right, train hard with the right equipment and race at numerous competitions. 

“I can’t stress how important it was to have your support.”

Read the artcile that Joe wrote for Austin Fit Magazine and follow his progress on Twitter @joeseaman1


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