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No need for Charlie to put studies “on ice”

14 December 2015

Charlie Parry-EvansSecond year Sport Exercise Science student, Charlie Parry-Evans, does not have to put his studies “on ice” thanks to the Alumni Fund.

Talented Nottingham-based figure skater, Charlie, enjoys his course but finds it hard to fit his studying around his training.  He trains twice a day, most days, and whilst he takes Sunday off, he works at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham so “practically lives there”.

A typical day will see dedicated Charlie get up at 6.00 am, on the ice from 7-8.00 am, then on to University. Depending on his lectures, he’s back on the ice from 3.00-4.00 pm with maybe an additional hour of training off the ice – then in bed by 10.00 pm ready for the next day.

Charlie had his first ice skating experience a friend’s birthday party when he was seven years old.  He loved it, so took some lessons and was competing by the time he was eight.  However, a passion for skating is not without its risks and previous injuries have included a broken arm and a stress fracture to his shin.

At the time of writing Charlie was in the main skating season and had participated in three international competitions in two months.  He said:  “I was really pleased with my three consistent performances, and a got a new personal best which was great!”

So Charlie is ending 2015 on a high.  As well as achieving his personal best in Latvia, he also had the opportunity to compete in the World University Games: “It was an amazing experience.  I hope I get selected again in 2017 and improve on my result.”

As well as thanking lecturers for helping him keep on top of his work, he’s also really grateful to alumni for their support:  “Skating is not a high profile sport, so there isn’t much other financial support available. I have to pay over £400 a month to use the facilities at the National Ice Centre, and pay to enter competitions, not to mention the cost of skates and costumes, so this funding will be well spent.”

Good luck Charlie!

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