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Nigerian graduate chosen to represent students with vote of thanks speech

29 July 2014

A Nigerian graduate who studied in the UK has been given the honour of delivering the vote of thanks speech on behalf of all students at his graduation ceremony at Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

Peace Ubongwung, originally from Rivers State in Andoni, was chosen to give the speech due to his achievements and commitment to the university and his BA Media course.

Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at NTU, Professor Murray Pratt, said: “Ever since his arrival in Nottingham, Peace has impressed everyone with his cheerful approach, eagerness to learn and willingness to help. His achievement in graduating is remarkable. For these reasons he was asked to give the vote of thanks on behalf of all students at the School of Arts and Humanities, an honour which he took in his stride and he delivered an excellent speech.”

Peace said: “I decided to come to the UK because I wanted to have a different feel of education outside the shores of Nigeria. The best thing about my experience was the privilege of interacting and studying with different people from all cultures, it was a wonderful experience I won't forget for the rest of my life.

“I felt honoured and exited to give the speech because I wasn't expecting such an honour to come to me. It was a wonderful opportunity and an experience I was delighted to have.”

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