David Richmond (1938-2012): Your Tributes

A special tribute to David is being planned for the 2013 issue of Network magazine. We would like to include your thoughts, so please send your tributes and memories of David to alumni@ntu.ac.uk. Please also consider making a gift to the David Richmond Memorial Fund.

Here are just some of the messages that we have received so far:

David was an exceptional and inspirational teacher. Perhaps more importantly, he provided the heart and soul of the UES course. While he was only one lecturer, delivering only a small part of the course, his infectious, warm and caring personality ensured that he was the personification of my experience at Trent. His humility and generosity of spirit will be missed, but never forgotten.
Dr Paul Kennedy (BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1994 & PhD Environmental Science 1998)

David taught me valuation from 1990-1993 and was brilliant. He was always, bright and enthusiastic about his subject and for life in general. His valuation books were also a must read for budding valuers, to which I regularly referred. I am sure there are many like me that have had the pleasure of being taught by a man that has helped shape their careers. Thank you David.
Ben Glover (HND Land Administration (Estate Management) 1990 & BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1993)

Throughout life you meet many people, some of which help shape and influence your life. David was one of these people. His contribution to me, was bigger and longer lasting than almost anyone else I've ever met! His commitment, enthusiasm, energy and passion for everything he did was truly inspiring. Much of the advice he gave me, combined with his wisdom will remain with me forever.
James Adderley (BSc Hons Estate Surveying 1995)

David did a huge amount for all of us, and I almost certainly would not be where I am today without his help and support whilst I was at university. The funeral was an excellent tribute to him, although little mention was made of the huge amount of charity work he has also done over the years (he was a strong supporter of Fountaindale Special Needs School, and I did many sponsored swims and walks with him for several years). The large attendance also demonstrates how well loved he was by a huge number of people. I will also miss our conversations.
Andrew Buckley (BSc Hons Estate Surveying 1995)

Sad news. A very gentle and helpful man.
Carl Walker (BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1983)

David was an amazing man. We all bought his book An Introduction to Valuation. It was essential reading for those of us who struggled with what then seemed like alien concepts. His lectures exuded calm and patience. It was essential to go as we wouldn’t have stood a chance otherwise.  He was hugely encouraging towards me personally. I hadn’t seen him for many years until an alumni event two years ago. It’s a sad day for the Surveying fraternity. David will be missed.
Tim Garrett (BSc Urban Estate Surveying 1988)

David's funeral was a lovely tribute to his life. He was a great mentor to many of us and always went the extra mile when it came to helping pupils with any aspect of university life. A number of us did charity walks and sponsored swims with David to raise money for the Fountain Dale School for Special Needs which David actively supported. His full of life jovial character will certainly be missed.
Andrew Westlake (BSc Hons Estate Surveying 1996)

It came as something of a shock to read of David's passing. I was an Urban Estate Surveying student from 1975-79 and never in the whole of that time did I see him lose his endless patience, which went a long way to explaining the deep affection we all had for him as a valuation lecturer. Many of us spent those first few days at Trent finding our feet away from home, but his polite use of "Mr Stewart" (or Miss whoever) made us feel welcome as equals and a world away from being school pupils. As we all gradually got on to first name terms, we came to realise that David was passionate about his teaching, Notts County FC and cricket. I read the tribute to him on Notts County's website and don't imagine very many people earn the right to such prominence, but this true gentleman clearly did. We had a couple of reunions at Trent Bridge and David was clearly at home amongst former students in such a location. I'm only sorry not to have seen him more recently.
Chris Stewart (BSc Urban Estate Surveying 1979)

Very sad news. David was a great help to me at Trent. His heart was always in the right place.
Andy Jansons (BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1983)

David Richmond made a lasting impression on me as a student. I mention his name to my students each year and have done so with joy since my graduation from NTU. I shall mention his name still, but with gratitude and the knowledge that his life and example still impacts the lives of my students.
Godfrey Udo (BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1980)

Of all the lecturers I encountered during my time at Trent David was without exception the person who made the most impact on me. I was not alone in feeling this - over the years I have come across many who share that view. A few months before he passed away David was guest of honour at a dinner which formed the centrepiece of a hectic weekend to celebrate the passing of 40 years since the class of 1971 enrolled. Typical of the man, David remembered everyone's names even though he had not seen some for over 35 years. He will be missed.
Chris Sinclair (BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1975)

Twenty six years ago I landed at Trent Poly unconvinced that the UES course was going to work for me. I remember two initial impressions, and both of David. Firstly it was the first time I had ever met anyone who had written a book; and secondly I was listening to someone who could make a mathematical based subject seem understandable to the point of intuition. An amazing communicator and a great guy.
John Forrester (BSc Hons Urban Estate Surveying 1986)

David Richmond, a name immediately recognised by all those of a certain generation of surveyor - not just those connected to NTU but in much wider circles. David was a kind and considerate man who always had time to sit and chat through any issue you wished to raise. Known for Introduction to Valuation - 'a bible' for students of Urban Estate Surveying, not only because we thought it might help us on the course but also because of David's lectures where he was able to impart his great knowledge and enthusiasm for his chosen subject. I for one would not have been able to understand Valuation to the extent needed to obtain my BSc in Urban Estate Surveying in 1988 without the calm reassurance from David. He will be greatly missed and for sure 'Valuation' has lost one of its greatest exponents who had the ability to impart its secrets to generations of students.
Richard Moxon (BSc Urban Estate Surveying 1988)

David Richmond