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Data interfaces with smart-Q sensor for Physiology/Pharmacology Teaching

29 April 2014

Data interfaces with Smart-Q sensor inputs Alumni Fund money was awarded to Principal Lecturer in Biosciences Dr Shiva Sivasubramaniam to buy data interfaces with Smart-Q sensor inputs to simultaneously and continuously record ECG with pulse wave. These were intended for undergraduate physiology teaching and projects and so far two students have successfully carried out their final year BSc (Hons) projects using the equipment.

Student Karl Harber (BSc Hons Biomedical Science) has used the equipment to compare the effects of water temperatures on cardiovascular effects during face immersion to test diving reflex. Another student, Elizabeth Martin (BSC Hons Pharmacology), has tested the effects of valsalva maneuver on cardiovascular parameters and if there are any racial differences.

Shiva said: "Since the device has minimised the duration of these type of investigation, and made it possible to continuously and accurately monitor the changes, I am planning to use the same device for physiology teaching in practical sessions to test the effects of exercise and training on ECG tracing and Diving reflex.

"Although the device looks small it is highly accurate in measuring. I wholeheartedly thank alumni donors for their kindness in improving the learning and teaching within NTU and urge them to continue their support."

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