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45 year reunion for UES mates

29 January 2015

UES Class of 1974 - thenA group of classmates returned to campus recently to celebrate 45 years since starting university.

Friends Bryan Huckerby, Gerald Gora, John Bowen, Grahame Blondel, Ian Hughes, Phil White and Alastair and Penny Whall met in 1970 when they started the Urban Estates Surveying course at Trent Polytechnic.

They enjoyed a tour of campus, fascinated by the changes to Newton and Arkright, and the facilities today’s students enjoy in the new Students’ Union building. Later they caught up with each other’s news over dinner.

UES Class of 1974 - nowGerald said: “We were all impressed by the facilities at NTU and all the enthusiastic students. It’s great to get together, but also to remember those who are no longer with us – Rich Jenkins, Tony Chappell and our lecturer David Richmond.”

Alumni Relations Officer, Clare Oswin, said: “It’s always fun to meet up with alumni to show them around the campus. I really enjoy hearing their stories and sharing their memories.”

If you need help getting in touch with your ‘old’ friends for a reunion, or would like to arrange a tour of any of our three campuses, then please let us know.

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