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Students' bags packed for Beijing summer study

27 June 2012

The recipients of this year's Vice-Chancellor's Mandarin ScholarshipsTen NTU students will be jetting off to Beijing this summer to learn Mandarin Chinese and experience the local culture after being awarded this year’s Vice-Chancellor's Mandarin Scholarships.

The students will attend the prestigious Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and study the Chinese language for four weeks. The scholarship pays for return flights, tuition and accommodation. The students will live on campus at BLCU and study Mandarin speaking, writing, listening and reading. They will also have the opportunity to go on sight-seeing trips at the weekend.

The final group chosen to go to Beijing this August come from a range of years and courses, covering subjects such as Chemistry, International Business, Mathematics, International Fashion Business, Mandarin and International Relations and Management Studies.

Ben Thornhill, studying English and Linguistics, added: "I wish to build proficiency in Mandarin because I believe that Chinese literature will become important and widely read internationally. In the future I would like to work with editing or translating Chinese classics for English readers. I am also enthusiastic to learn more about Chinese culture from an everyday perspective of the life of a citizen and I hope to gain academic and social experience to form a more rounded understanding of such a diverse and artistically rich culture."

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