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NTU Alumni China inspire each other for year ahead

27 January 2010

NTU Alumni ChinaNTU Alumni China met up again recently to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

Organised by NTU Alumni Ambassador Du Ning (MSc Civil Engineering Design and Management 2005), they met up in a special restaurant which served Zhejiang-shanghai flavour food.

Du Ning said: "We talked a lot and had a wonderful night. We didn't want to say goodbye, but the restaurant had to close!"

He added: "The past year was very tough because of the financial crisis, but all we all kept confidence and courage and had a fruitful year. We have in inspired each other for the year ahead."

For more information on becoming a member of NTU Alumni China email with your permissions for sharing data with Du Ning who has signed a Data Transfer Agreement with NTU and will keep your information safe and secure.

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