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Raj VoraNTU Alumni New York Ambassador:
Raj Vora (PG Dip Law 2010)

I'm finally at a point in my career when I can look outwards and start to give something back to the people and institutions that got me where I am. I would love to connect with others who feel the same way and share some old stories with others based in New York. Let's grab a pint and reminisce!


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About Raj

Position: Director of Inside Sales, SiteCompli 

What does your current role involve? I lead a team of inside sale reps, selling real estate software to NY owners/managers.

How has your career developed since leaving Nottingham Trent?  At NTU I was studying law and shooting for the Bar. I decided to get some commercial experience to bolster my applications to barristers' chambers. I ended up being recruited into an account management position at fairly large macroeconomic/ financial data company. My clients were based in the Middle East and North Africa region so I got to travel too. I was hooked on sales, travel and the dynamic nature of things - stark contrast to what I'd observed during my legal work experience. I then got the opportunity to move to the USA where I stuck with sales. I've been a sales executive at three different companies out here and I've been promoted twice in my current role, so I'm not looking to move on any time soon!

How has your experience at Nottingham Trent shaped or helped you in your career? I met a fantastic group of people, my peers and also lecturers who all helped me understand some key lessons that have served me well in my career. I really enjoyed debating, mooting and commercial mediation whilst at NTU - I learned skills there I have used in every meeting I have conducted as a sales person and even in interviews. 

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent? There's nothing like a city based campus to help people gel together and navigate the choppy waters of Nottingham and all it has to offer. I am still best friends with one of my law school chums, in contact with many others and even have an NTU alumnus as a personal mentor. It really speaks to the type of person NTU attracted - I've never met such a kind, down to earth and talented bunch. 

What are your plans for the future?  I will have my own business either in NYC or somewhere with more predictable and consistently warmer weather! I'm not really making plans right now - I'm in consolidation mode and still learning lots. 


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