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Chirag DoshiNTU Alumni Singapore Ambassador:
Lynn Ooi (BA Hons Graphic Design 1998)

 There were quite a few students from Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia while I was a student at NTU. The community was very close-knit and I hope to recreate that bond. If you'd like to keep in the loop with fellow NTU alumni - whether you're living in Singapore or Malaysia - please get in touch! 


Email for details of how to join Lynn and other members of the NTU Alumni Singapore group.


About Lynn

Position: Creative Director, Lennox & Ooi Media Pte Ltd

Field of work: Art Direction and Editorial

Company's main business: Publishing and advertising

What does your current role involve? Content creation and layout design of two self-launched publications, Sports+Travel and Campus.

How has your career developed since leaving Nottingham Trent? My role has evolved from being a graphic designer, to founding three companies that specialise in publishing and advertising.

How has your experience at Nottingham Trent - the learning environment, academic and social life - shaped or helped you in your career?  My curriculum at NTU was based on real-life projects, so being hands-on for most of my time there meant that the transition to the real world was easier.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent? Lecturers were very accessible, which made it easy to get support. The support and friends from NTU's international student community also made the environment very pleasant to live in.

What has been the highlight of your career or personal achievements to date? Being the creator of two publications (one of which will turn 10 years old soon) has been the sweetest reward for me, since I'm doing what I love. For Sports+Travel magazine I was also fortunate enough to travel the world for “work”.

What are your plans for the future? I've found that creating new business ventures (and publications) has always been exciting, and my next step would be to create something related to tourism and events aimed at introducing small local communities (and their craft) around the world.


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