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Jiri SlezakNTU Alumni Ambassador for Czech Republic & Slovakia:
Jiri Slezak (MBA 2000)

Being an Alumni Ambassador is a great opportunity to help NTU alumni to network and create new friendships and  partnerships. There is a strong group of successful, experienced people here from various sectors, who are open to co-operation. Our active alumni are business people in management positions, including CEOs of some of the biggest companies from the private and public sectors.  


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About Jiri

Position:  CEO at MINTZBGERGER, Partner at think-tank

Field of work: Helping companies and individuals to grow, execute strategy, and turn around  back to profitability.

Company's main business: Management consulting, think-tanks

What does your current role involve? Strategic and change management projects, turnaround projects.

How has your career developed since leaving Nottingham Trent? Doing an MBA at NTU helped me to build valuable potential and skills which proved helpful in various restructuring projects. At present I run a consultancy and investment company, and also teach at MBA programmes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I am also active within various non-profit projects.

How has your experience at Nottingham Trent - the learning environment, academic and social life - shaped or helped you in your career? The opportunity to study at NTU and to live in Nottingham was crucial for my career, and I appreciate this experience very much.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent? I met very professional people during my studies. They were always helpful and supportive. It is also a rewarding experience to keep in touch with this friendly and professional environment in my role as an NTU Alumni Ambassador.

What has been the highlight of your career or personal achievements to date? Successful turnarounds and other special projects in Czech and Slovak companies.

What are your plans for the future? Helping people and organisations around me on their path to success.


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