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Cleopas SananguraNTU Ambassador for Alumni South Africa (including Swaziland and Lesotho): 
Dr Cleopas Sanangura (DBA 2011)

 I volunteered to be an NTU International Alumni Ambassador to help develop projects to support the business communities of people who have gone through similar training to me, and to create awareness and publicity for Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham Business School. Alumni activities benefit previously disadvantaged communities which create awareness and benefits for individuals and companies. I urge all graduates to participate as part of CPD and continuous development.  

Email for details of how to join Cleopas and other members of the NTU Alumni South Africa group.

About Cleopas

Current position: Group Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Holdings Pty Ltd

Your field of work:  Investment Management

Company's main business: Business Consulting, Engineering Consulting, Construction & Commodities

What does your current role involve? Mergers and acquisitions, investment management, strategy formulation, business development, auditing, training and mentorship of executives.

How has your career developed since leaving Nottingham Trent? I am now lecturing at UKZN Graduate School and managing a multinational group of companies which I started since 2004, the time I was a student.

How has your experience at Nottingham Trent shaped or helped you in your career? I became a full product in terms of understanding multinational business dynamics and how to deal with international business including investment management in multi-countries.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent? It has been my second home. I got all the support I needed from both administration staff and academic staff.

What has been the highlight of your career or personal achievements to date? Understanding governance and business at international level. I also developed skills that are useful for the success of my business.

What are your plans for the future? We are planning to list some of our subsidiaries on JSE, LSE, NYSE and a few others.

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