Leaving a Legacy

David RichmondDan Spencer  I am grateful to those who have had the NTU experience, and then chosen to give back. Scholarships are giving students like me greater opportunities to make the most of our time here.

Dan Spencer, current student


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I want my legacy to be...

"To be remembered as someone always willing to help others."

"To know that I have helped others to be what they want to be."

"I would say to anyone who is at uni - don't just do your course, but look at what you can achieve in the future.  Always look beyond where you are now.  Over the years I have said technology will improve and over take many other events, the invention of the mobile phone, the personal computer, etc.  What will the future hold?
Duncan James (BSc Hons Information Systems 2014)

"To give students of the future the same opportunities I had and also to help in the cancer research being undertaken by the University at Clifton campus".
Bob Stephens (BA Hons Human Services 2003)

"Through my PhD studies at NTU and my experience in education I want to be remembered for making education accessible, fun and life long. Learning today is very exciting as it is no longer short and stagnant. The flexibility of study is crucial world wide and it is so important to have the tools to adapt to any chosen area. I have taught and researched in schools, colleges and uni in UK and Grenada and a poor education is such a draw back for vital students. The more dynamic the system, a better world!"
June Douglas (PhD Education 2008)

Louise Garland“To help a Fine Art students with limited finances to have the same opportunities as me.” 
Louise Garland (BA Hons Creative Arts 1982, MA in Fine Art 1986 & PGCE 1991)

“Our three years studying Education at Clifton set us up for life. We wish to continue our life’s work through the next generation and give encouragement to the teachers of tomorrow.”  
John & Margaret Spalding (Cert Education 1964 & 1966)

“I hope that my legacy gift will help deliver an even richer student experience in the future.” 
Martin HunterMartin Hunter 

"Far more people (including politicians and managers) understanding that simple thinking is dangerous - our world is inherently complex (in the mathematical sense) and chaos is the norm throughout the universe!"
Peter Cochrane OBE (BSc Hons Electrical Engineering 1973 & HonEng 1999)

"To help current and future students realise the potential through NTU for the rest of their lives."
Dean Penford (BA Social Sciences 1992, Dip Careers Guidance 1993 & MA Education 2012)

"When I am gone, I would like to think that future NTU graduates will not only be outstanding in 'academia', but be amongst the world's leading 'Ethical Managers' to begin to reverse the 'cycle' often being broadcast on the networks today."
Malcolm Charles OBE JP (DMS Business Management 1980)




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