Leaving a legacy

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The Watt Circle

Four statues can be seen on the façade of the University’s Arkwright building – Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and John Milton who have long marked out the University as a seat of learning. One other statue lost as a result of wartime bombing was that of James Watt, the engineer and inventor cited as the father of the industrial revolution.  

Taking his name, the University’s Watt Circle recognises the vision and friendship of those who have chosen to leave a gift in their will to Nottingham Trent for future generations.

Meet some of our alumni and friends who have already joined the watt Circle.

James Watt and his contemporaries were described by author Jenny Uglow as "the friends who made the future".  They left a legacy for society today, a legacy of knowledge, discovery and a sense of learning together.

It is our friends who will help to make the future and create opportunities for generations of students to come at Nottingham Trent University.

If you are making or revising your will, please consider leaving a gift to NTU so that we can continue to develop brilliant minds, encourage individual talent and train the professionals, educators, entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow.  

To discuss a legacy gift please contact Kayleigh Glasper.



Leaving a legacy

David Richmond