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Leaving a Legacy

Louise Garland thanks NTU in her Will

Originally from a small village in Leicestershire, Louise Garland received a modest bursary from her local church which provided a much-needed helping hand to cover the costs of her books. This, together with a full student grant, enabled her to attend Trent Polytechnic to study for a degree. She explains how her experience has inspired her to leave a legacy for the future.

I gained a lot from my education. In fact, after studying for my BA Hons Creative Arts (1982), then my MA in Fine Art (1986) and finally a PGCE (1991), I must have Nottingham Trent stamped on my forehead! Now, as a Fine Art lecturer at New College Nottingham, I take my own students to the University's Bonington Gallery as part of their studies, so things have come full circle.

When I was a student, I had some really inspiring tutors and in particular, Professor John Newling had a big influence on my art education. He cared not only about me as a student but also saw me through to the next stage in helping me to find a local studio as a graduate. This is something I have never forgotten.

So, when it came to a point in my life when I had to make a Will, I knew that I wanted to include my University. I decided that as a legacy to my own education I wanted to help a Fine Art student with limited finances to have the same opportunities as me.

Often, making a decision to study a subject like Fine Art is quite hard and increasingly so with the costs of education today. I was lucky that my mother, despite financial circumstances, was very supportive of my chosen subject but I would imagine that money worries today might narrow the choice of university course for some students. I'd like to help encourage those who have the talent and desire to study in this area. Art graduates are highly creative people, good lateral thinkers with a broad range of talents and skills to bring to business and society.

I hope that leaving a gift in my Will can make a difference one day in the future … but not for a long time yet, I hope. I still have lots of budding artists to inspire first. 


If you are thinking of helping future generations of students by leaving a legacy to Nottingham Trent University, please contact us for a no obligation informal discussion or for a brochure on 0115 848 8775 or email alumni@ntu.ac.uk

Louise Garland