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Ukuleles bring music into the classroom

BA (Hons) Primary Education students play Ukuleles

In 2011/12 a music specialism option was introduced to the BA (Hons) Primary Education programme and, thanks to the Alumni Fund, the School of Education has purchased 34 ukuleles to use when working with children in a local partnership school.

The ukuleles, which are suited to young children because of their size and ease to learn, will be used when teaching a whole class.

The instruments will not only benefit the BA (Hons) Primary Education students, but will also form part of a larger central resource for other undergraduate and postgraduate teacher training programmes.

Lecturer Annette Bindon said: "Over the past couple of years NTU trainees have had the opportunity to work with ukuleles through an external provider. It was the students that expressed the desire for further opportunities to learn. Now that we have a full set of instruments we can build sessions into each year of our music programme to develop skills progressively and provide continuity to the learning experience."

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