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Projectors enhance learning for laboratory-based students

Optoma projectors now being used by students thanks to the Alumni Fund

New Optoma EP761 projectors are now being used to enhance the learning of laboratory-based students in the School of Science and Technology, thanks to the Alumni Fund.

Optoma projectors are distinct from those normally used in teaching rooms or lecture theatres as they can be used in daylight and they have a higher resolution which means they can be used in a much wider range of settings, including laboratories.

Biosciences Lecturer, Dr Christian Thode, said: "The effective communication of scientific facts is an essential skill that students learn in our courses. These projectors enable us to simulate real-life situations, where students present and explain their posters in a laboratory environment - without printing them at high costs. With student numbers increasing, novel teaching practices, such as this one, help to maintain our high standards."

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