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Ellie ForbesGenerous donations to the Alumni Fund have struck a chord with gifted young musicians at the University.

Ellie, a Psychology student, received the Alumni Fund Award for Music, enabling her to purchase a high quality violin for use during her time at NTU. "It's brilliant news," said Ellie, who previously played an instrument which belonged to her great grandfather. "I'm so grateful to all the people who donate to the Alumni Fund. Not everyone has the opportunity to go out and buy a new instrument - it's very exciting."

Ellie, a grade 8 violinist, is a member of NTU's Orchestra, Choir and Chamber Choir. She will keep the violin throughout the three years of her studies and after that the instrument will remain the property of NTU.

Meanwhile, Biosciences student Catherine has received the Clifford Beck Music Award - an annual scholarship set up in memory of a former lecturer.  Catherine plays the cello, is grade 8 standard and belongs to the NTU Orchestra. However, she chose to spend her £150 award on singing tuition which will support her work with the NTU Choir and Chamber Choir. She said: "Continuing with my music at university was essential for me, so this award is great! I'd like to thank Mr Beck's family for the opportunities this award has given me."

Meanwhile, flautist Dee Truong was awarded £90 to contribute to her music lessons. The Computer Science student was a runner-up in the auditions for the Alumni Fund award and the standard of her work was so exceptional that she was given this special prize.

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