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Making a song and dance about child development

Oogly BooglyAn intriguing project known as Oogly Boogly will help NTU students take a fresh look at themes such as child development and communication.

Oogly Boogly is a unique piece of theatre in which dancers follow and echo movements and sounds made by 12 to 18-month-old babies.

Donations to the Alumni Fund enabled our Psychology team to purchase videos of a theatre group performing Oogly Boogly. The resources will be used for a Masters module in Observational Methods. The videos show how - although each child is different - there is usually a point at which observers can see the child reach an understanding of the 'game'. When the children discover that they are 'controlling' the dancers by what they do, they respond individually. Some increase their range and amount of movement while others become still and silent. Some react joyously, while others find the situation a little more daunting and take time to be comfortable.

Psychology Lecturer Anne Emerson said: "These fascinating performances, captured on video, provide innovative, challenging and absorbing data for students. They are a perfect vehicle for discussing themes to do with child development, motor development, social engagement and communication."

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