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India internship for Law students

Students at JananeethiNottingham Law School has been able to further develop links with an Indian based human rights NGO, thanks to the Alumni Fund.

Jananeethi, which is based in Thrissur, Kerala, in southern India, is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1991. It's fundamental aim is to promote human rights and justice for those who are unable to access the legal system and to provide other support and solutions to those who are victims of injustice.

Four LLB (Hons) Law students were identified to undertake internships with Jananeethi - Shreena Parmar, Jenna Keough, Lauren Shinfield and Laura Williams.

Shreena said: "The subject of our project was Women in Politics. Recently enacted legislation means 50% of seats must be reserved for women in local self-governments in Kerala. We interviewed 100 people, from former and current women representatives to government officials and voters. We also had to become familiar with the political system within Kerala."

She added: "We would to thank Jananeethi Institute and the University for this amazing opportunity. We would also like to thank the Alumni Fund for putting money towards the cost of the translator which was a vital resource for the interviews. We made many friends on this wonderful visit and hope that the relationship between Jananeethi Institute and Nottingham Trent University continues."

Lecturer Nick Johnson said: "As with all volunteering opportunities, this internship enabled the students to enhance their understanding of law through seeing it operate in context. They had a unique experience, while at the same time enhancing the profile of Nottingham Law School both in the UK and abroad."

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