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Alumni Fund histology suite

Histology SuiteHistological examination of tissue is a powerful way of reinforcing student knowledge and developing their laboratory skills.

The interface between animal nutrition and animal welfare is currently a hot topic in animal science; creating a resurgence of interest in histology as a tool for investigating gut health. Donations to the Alumni Fund have enabled the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences to set up the 'Alumni Fund Histology Suite' at Brackenhurst.

This new suite allows the preparation of tissue on site for microscopic examination. Students can now further develop their laboratory skills as well as undertake dissertation projects focused on histological studies of gut health.

Animal and Equine Sciences' postgraduate student, Harriet Lea said: "It is vital that our students graduate with hands-on skills to complement their theoretical knowledge and setting up a histology preparation suite provides students with the opportunity to develop projects worthy of scientific publication."

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