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Gallery collaboration helps trainee teachers get the picture 

Take One PictureTeacher training students are discovering how a picture speaks a thousand words when it comes to enjoyable learning experiences -thanks to a successful collaboration with the National Gallery.

'Take One Picture' is the Gallery's third countrywide scheme for primary schools. During a course at the Gallery, teachers are given a print of a painting to use in the classroom, both as a stimulus for artwork and for activities in more unexpected curriculum areas.

Each year NTU students join the Gallery's Education Department in London to experience 'Take One Picture'. So that all our trainee teachers can learn from this project, the Alumni Fund has purchased 12 good quality reproductions of paintings for use with students during workshops.

Third year student Alice Holifield said: "I now see how paintings can tell a story without the need for words and how they can be highly supportive to teaching by taking children down a range of learning avenues."

Kate Warren, Lecturer in Primary Teacher Education, added: "This way of learning can be inclusive of all children and all subjects."

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