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New equipment helps students to cook up a learning treat

COOKITsDonations to the Alumni Fund are a vital ingredient in a project which will serve up food preparation skills to schoolchildren.

The School of Education has used the money to buy COOKITs - a unique range of high-quality equipment and utensils suitable for teaching cookery in primary schools or in cooking clubs designed by the Focus on Food Campaign.

These new resources will provide practical hands-on experience for Primary Education students as they teach cooking skills and food-related knowledge to pupils, helping them prepare a range of dishes from fresh ingredients. They will receive similar training to that being offered to schools within the Food Partnership Scheme, a government-backed initiative.

Primary Education Lecturer Annette Bindon said: "With growing awareness of obesity and poor nutritional standards in the diets of children, the government is actively promoting food preparation skills in schools. This equipment will not only enhance our students' learning experience but also benefit teachers and pupils in the schools in which they train."

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