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Students take on "The Assignment"

Students take on The Assignment

In January 2013, FdA Media Creative students competed in The Assignment – a competition similar to The Apprentice.  The aim was to improve student employability, build confidence and help students prepare for working on placements with local creative industries.

Supported by the Alumni Fund, The Assignment started at Nottingham Contemporary where the students were given a brief to design a marketing campaign for Notts TV.   They were split into two teams and given guidance and support in developing a marketing concept by The Hive and NTU tutors provided design direction. Once the teams had a design concept, they entered the production phase, producing the designs and video for their campaign.

Alumna Janet Wooton (MA Fine Art 2012), who has a background in the television broadcast industry, kindly stepped in to assist the teams with designing a professional pitch to be delivered to an audience of local creative businesses, practitioners and students.

Both teams presented their work to a panel at Broadway Media Centre on 25 January 2013 using different design and video concepts to promote Notts TV.   Both teams proposed using social media to market the station, but there could only be one winner and it was Team Two with their video portraying a modern day Robin Hood visiting Nottingham nightlife and tourist attractions.

Judges were impressed with their unified and well delivered presentation and their successful Twitter campaign, which had already attracted 10,000 followers.  Prizes were given to all participants to recognise their hard work. Fahan Naushahi received the prize for best team member and Stephen Ross received a week’s placement at Three Rooms Graphic Design and Web Design Agency.

The project, which helped motivate students and build their portfolio, also helped them get to know one each other and experience working as a team. 

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