International Student Volunteering

NTU offers a range of volunteering options for students to get involved in and we want to ensure all our students get the same opportunities. We know cash, or lack of it, can act as a barrier for our students when applying for international volunteering. 

With the personal philanthropic support of Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck, we have established a fund that helps to provide these students with opportunities to work as volunteers in our overseas charities. For students this is a chance to contribute towards the aims and goals of four fantastic projects: 

Romania - Little Johns House

Guatemala - Education for the Children

Sri Lanka - Rosie May Home

Uganda - East African Playgrounds 


It’s also a great way for students to develop new skills and build their CV’s. Edward has kick started a fund and now we’re asking you to join him so we can give even more people a chance to shape their lives.


How does this work?

Students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds can apply for support which will cover up to 50% of the cost of participating in the volunteering opportunity.

• 5 people giving a regular gift of £5 per month could fund one student experience in Uganda 

• 3 people giving a regular gift of £10 per month could fund one student experience in Sri Lanka

• A gift of £210 could fund one student experience in Romania

• A gift of £3300 could fund ten student experiences in Guatemala


This year we have helped more than 20 students. With your help we can help many more.

If you want to get involved contact or visit the student volunteering pages 


What students say:

"It's showed me that global issues aren't just something that you see on the TV it's something that I can be involved in and try and make a small difference"

“The experience of volunteering abroad with NTU made me realise that the future career that I wanted to go into would have to involve making a difference to the lives of others. It also made me aware of global issues such as poverty, which influenced me to spend much of the following year travelling to Africa and America.”

“Do as much as you can when you can. When you get an opportunity like that, grab it with both hands.” 


Make your gift now through our secure website