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Online Graduate Profile Leanne Toon 03/06/2019  
Name: Leanne Toon
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quote: [Whenever I felt I was struggling, I always felt that I could go to my professors or to student advice and they were always willing to listen and help where they could.]

Course: BSc Hons Forensic Biology (Molecular Biology)
Year: 2012
Job title: Product Manager (Diagnostic Department)
Employer: Future Health Technologies

Current role?
I implement, manage and research genetic screening tests. My role mainly involves developing scientific procedures, SOP writing, training, validation, developing partnerships with other laboratories, answering patient queries, monitoring patient samples and handling sensitive information. I also process Umbilical cord samples when working in the stem cell laboratory.

Typical day?
A typical day would be answering any emails I have received (we work internationally so it isn't always within the scope of the usual 9-5) and then throughout the day I will oversee biological samples at various stages of processing, answer patient queries or queries from health care professionals and then continue to research and develop the next screening test that I am working on.

Career developments?
Finding a job seemed to take forever and I was up against so much competition. I had a job in a supermarket to keep me going, but thankfully I eventually got a job for a cleaning chemical company. I would travel all across the UK, and implement adequate cleaning regimes for food and beverage facilities. It doesnt sound glamorous, but it was interesting and I got to see the inner workings of some very interesting places, as well as being able to work from home a lot of the time.

After a few years, I decided I wanted to do something more related to my area of interest - laboratory work. I then found a scientific officer role at a stem cell biobank. This wasn't anything I was aware of at all, let alone knowing it existed in Nottingham, so I of course jumped at the opportunity. I was very lucky to be offered the job, and luckier still that 9 months in, I was asked if I wanted to take a leap of faith and start my own genetic screening department. So I did, and 3 years later I am still here.

Of course, there always are. Getting a laboratory was one. I had been out of the lab for a few years, so I knew I probably wasn't the most desirable candidate because I would likely need more training, but I was honest with them and showed my keenness to learn and work hard and I am guessing they appreciated that.

Starting my department was hard as I had to leave my SO role to dedicate myself full time to something which I didn't know would be successful. I have to be largely autonomous and I now manage people too, which again was new territory to learn. Each time it is just a case of taking it step by step, and if you need help or guidance, don't be afraid to ask for it. Asking someone with more experience for assistance or admitting you don't know something is not weakness, it is humility and is the only way to learn.

Your NTU experience?
Knowing how to conduct your own scientific research is vastly important in the work that I do. And as much as we all moan about it, one of the things I was thankful for from Uni, was knowing how to cite/write scientific references. Because Trent is such a social University it also taught me to open up. I have to do a lot of B2B meetings with labs/clinics etc. and also a lot of presentations. Being able to speak publicly and confidently has been a massive benefit to me - and it was a massive thing that I gradually overcame through the course of my Uni life.

Advice for others?
Generally don't be disheartened if it takes a while to find a career, or if you find that the career you end up in is not for you. Every role you have is enriching and will add to your experience and skill set, and you will get there eventually. Most importantly, believe in yourself. You never know what you are capable of unless you try.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
I found it very supportive. Whenever I felt I was struggling, I always felt that I could go to my professors or to student advice and they were always willing to listen and help where they could.

Career highlights?
I designed a new scientific testing procedure for a test that I offer (genetic predisposition to conditions associated with the intake of certain foods/antibiotics). As this had not previously been done I had to perform an 18 month validation, which ended up being a success and is now an internationally available testing method.

What are your top tips for job seeking / interview preparation / career progression?
Again, don't worry if you don't find something straight away, but don't be too stuck on the idea of one thing. In interviews, be confident but honest. Research beforehand to know more about the role for when they question you / surprise you with a test.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
My friends and family, and some colleagues. Seeing what is possible and having someone tell you that you are capable, even when you doubt yourself, is a great tool.

Plans for the future?
For now I am continuing to research and hoping to implement new tests, but long term I am hoping the department/my company will eventually have our own genetic screening lab - watch this space!

Online Graduate Profile Dawn M Bailey 24/05/2019  
Name: Dawn Bailey
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quote: [My academic supervisor support has been key in shaping my research pathway.]

Course: BA Hons MSc Risk Management
Year: 2014
Job title: Strategic Health, Safety & Wellbeing Consultant
Employer: Cornwall Council

Current role?
In my role as a strategic health, safety and wellbeing consultant I advise and support senior managers from a range of disciplines from across the council directorates on the development of effective systems, processes and practices to improve strategy, change and risk management.

This includes working with the HR business partner which enables a 'joined up' collaborative approach to workforce development plans and projects. Some of these service areas that I work with are; Cornwall Fire and Rescue service, Neighbourhoods and Public Protection (this includes environmental health and trading standards, HR, Equality and Diversity (CEED groups), Libraries and Information Services, Community Safety, amongst others. I am also the lead officer for event management and safety at sports-grounds across Cornwall.

Typical day?
My job can change from day to day and depends on what is required by senior managers. Typically this involves meetings, emails, phone calls.
I work on a range of projects that have been commissioned by the director and/or senior managers. I develop business cases for effective health, safety and wellbeing management. This includes identifying and providing advice on possible savings within budget parameters, and advising on current service developments looking at future issues based on legislative requirements to ensure legal compliance. In addition, looking for fresh and innovative ways of providing positive working cultures that contribute to positive health, safety and wellbeing management. This includes supporting managers to motivate their teams through a range of activities such as surveys, workshops, focus groups or development of training matrices in order to achieve improvement aligning with the objectives of the People Strategy.
Career developments?
My career was already well developed, however as I have undertaken my studies across a range of disciplines I have been able to use the knowledge and skills learnt to work across service areas that I may not have worked in previously. My research skills are now being used within the organisation which also helps me to develop further.

There have been several challenges across my studies and career. I have a very demanding job role and local government has been subject to continuous change and austerity - the councils have merged into one unitary council which in itself presented some big challenges.

I managed to continue with my studies throughout all of the change and despite having a major shoulder operation and sadly losing my mother 2 years ago. So the challenges have been an understatement! Without the continual support from my supervision team I think I would have given up - my supervisors have helped me overcome all the challenges I have been faced with. I learnt to take time out, reflect and reinvigorate my mind - if I had to advise a struggling student one thing then this would be it!

Your NTU experience?
My academic supervisor support has been key in shaping my research pathway.

Advice for others?
Never give up! Take time out - reflect - if you feel that you are failing remember: failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something, use it as a stepping stone to success - you are solely responsible for that success.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
A quote from Pele: "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do", and "I'm still learning" - Michelangelo.
Online Graduate Profile Lisa J Farnsworth 24/05/2019  
Name: Lisa Farnsworth
pic: [/view.image?id=6260]

quote: [My experience at NTU helped my confidence and opened my eyes to opportunities that were available to me.]

Course: BA Hons Theatre Design
Year: 1998
Job title: Managing Director
Employer: Stormsaver Ltd

Current role?
Running the business on a day to day basis, liaising with key clients, strategy planning, financial planning, HR and staffing, keeping the team motivated and making sure our operations are slick and efficient.

Typical day?
No day is the same. Really my role comes down to facilitating other members of my team to enable them to carry out their tasks efficiently and correctly and to ensure that the day to day running is working smart and achieving our goals and profit aspirations.

Career developments?
I have ended up doing a career totally different to what I trained in at University, however a lot of the skills that I learnt at University have been transferable.

I fell into running my own business quite by accident and discovered I was skilled at sales and customer service, so I started in the sales team, progressing to Sales Director after a few years. Then, due to a long absence of our MD, I discovered that my best skills were in operations and planning so I got more involved in this and it made sense for me to take on the MD role. I really love my job and every day is different, but a world away from where I started out.

There have been lots of challenges. Our first business had to go into liquidation which was really tough and we lost everything. Starting again was also hard.

Having my Business Partner and husband out of the business for nearly 3 years due to an accident was hard personally and professionally, but by working with and trusting my amazing team, we got through it together. I learnt to delegate appropriately and transfer knowledge to others. Investing in other members of the team enabled them to grow and me to cope with the mounting pressures. But we got through - and with each challenge we deal with it head on, and together and we always get through.

Your NTU experience?
My experience at NTU helped my confidence and opened my eyes to opportunities that were available to me. I always felt very safe and comfortable socially, and spent my first adult years in a wider, more diverse community to the one I was used to as a child.

I think in some ways the continued contact with NTU for the last 20 years since I have graduated has been of the most importance. Maintaining the link as an Alumni, and now as an Alumni Fellow, has given me the chance to continue developing my own skills by getting involved in mentoring and the Acceler8 programme and now, giving something back to the NTU community that got me started in my career.

Advice for others?
You learn every day. Don't seek a job, seek opportunities and who knows where you will end up but if it works and you love your job, then it was the right path, even if your starting point was different. Trust others, delegate.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
Both as a student and now as an Alumni Fellow, the environment at NTU is relaxing, welcoming and accessible, by which I mean when you are on campus you feel like you are still a part of the University and it a part of you.

The tutors and wider support staff at NTU are so engaged in giving the best support that they can and I love the way they connect with Alumni and businesses to keep up to date on what is going on, and to maximise opportunities for their students.

Career highlights?
Winning Nottinghamshire's Most Inspirational Business Woman of the Year in 2015. A great honour.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
My business partner and ex-husband who I met at NTU as a student. His strength and advice has given me the courage to believe in myself and become stronger and more outgoing.

Plans for the future?
To continue to grow my business and help others to grow their own skills and careers. Might retire one day, write a book and travel to interesting places.
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