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Online Graduate Profile Rajesh Singh Taak 18/05/2020  
Name: Raj Taak
pic: [/view.image?id=6427]

quote: [NTU provided me with confidence in the real working world.]

Course: BA Business Management and Marketing
Year: 2017
Job title: Business Director & Car Detail Expert
Employer: Taak Mark Automotive Detailing

Current role?
Marketing, social media, liaising with customers, professional cleaning of vehicles, organising after service video.

I recently started this business and in response to the current corona virus pandemic, for each car that is serviced, I donate £5 to the NHS COVID19 support fund (via Virgin Charities).

Career developments?
My career has developed very well since graduating! I worked at Enterprise Rent a Car, and then at Nottingham High School in Marketing and Fundraising, followed by setting up my current business.

Your NTU experience?
NTU provided me with confidence in the real working world. Once I left university, I felt well equipped.

Advice for others?
Find a mentor or watch YouTube videos and practice until you become confident - then sell your knowledge or skill.

Can you share some exam revision tips?
Group revision sessions (time each exercise), eat well, and repetition!

What are your top tips for job seeking / interview preparation / career progression?
Pick up the phone and call the companies to stand out!

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
Extremely supportive - I particularly had support from the library and student services each year.

Career highlights?
Setting up my new business and using theory on a daily basis to reach success.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
University, YouTube, personal experiences in work places, theory.

Plans for the future?
Producing Car Wash & Detailing products
Online Graduate Profile Elliott Moulster 19/02/2020  
Name: Elliott Moulster
pic: [/view.image?id=6408]

quote: [I would not be where I am today without the help and support of NTU and NLS.]

Course: Law
Year: 2016
Job title: Duty Solicitor
Employer: Levy & Co Solicitors LLP

Current role?
My current role involves advising and representing clients that have been accused of committing criminal offences. The allegations that my clients typically face range from simple shop thefts to complicated frauds, serious sexual offences and even murder. My current role involves representing them at both police stations and magistrates courts.

Typical day?
A typical day for me will usually consist of conducting advocacy at a local magistrates court. My case load in a single day can range from a couple of my own clients, to 10+ duty clients during a busy court duty session.

When I am not at court I will most likely be at a police station representing clients who have just been arrested. On a rare day that I get in the office I will likely be either catching up on admin, or preparing for upcoming trials.

Career developments?
Since leaving NTU and NLS I have completed my training contract as a regulatory lawyer. I then made the jump from regulatory law to general crime.

I qualified as a Police Station Representative, Higher Rights Advocate and Duty Solicitor. I have also relocated from Nottinghamshire to Essex.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
I would not be where I am today without the help and support of NTU and NLS. This includes help received from the: NLS Legal Advice Centre, NTU Careers Service and some of the many wonderful academic and personal tutors that I had over the years.

Career highlights?
The highlight of my career to date has been representing clients during military police interviews in countries outside of the UK. This was particularly special for me as I never thought that I would get the opportunity to work abroad whilst practicing in criminal law. It is a great example that opportunities can arise when and where you least expect them to.

Can you share some exam revision tips?
Revise smart. I would always focus my revision on quality rather than quantity. It is better in my opinion to revise a fewer number of topics well than a larger number of topics badly.
Online Graduate Profile Dariusz R Draczynski 11/05/2020  
Name: Dariusz Draczynski
pic: [/view.image?id=6424]

quote: [The university was a great environment, to be around like-minded people wanting something more from life.]

Course: MSc Construction Management
Year: 2017
Job title: Junior Project Manager
Employer: iWi GmbH

Current role?
I am the right hand of my boss, who is leading various construction and renovation building projects. For a start I also have two projects of my own: the renovation of a big Steiner school and the renovation of the offices of an energy company.

Typical day?
A short early morning visit to check the progress of the work on site and to take the pictures. Personal conversation with the construction manager. Asking questions and trying to resolve issues. Writing daily reports about the site visit. Discussing with my boss the course of action.

The rest of my day is at the office to progress other projects, because we run concurrently about twenty projects. Dealing with the emails, and paperwork, including tenders. On the same day I may have further site visits and conversations with contractors and subcontractors to develop the project. I may also write a report about the damage assessment and write an analysis. If necessary, I draw a building plan in CAD. We have a proper break for a meal at around 12.

Career developments?
The first thing I did after completing my studies was to move into the Alps. It was my dream come true and something that kept me focused while sacrificing my holiday allowances in order to complete the uni assessments.

During that year away I was also learning a foreign language, with the support of my girlfriend, but I didn't get a job in construction management. I wanted to be financially self-sufficient again, so I got a job as a caretaker at a local community centre and a school - I was a handy man, as no repairs were too small or too big for me.

I was over-skilled for the job, but it turned out to be a valuable and positive experience, as one and a half years later, I got a job as a junior project manager for a construction engineering company. I finally put together my foreign language learning, my knowledge gained at NTU, and the very practical skills of how things should be built.

Many times I came across being bluntly rejected and I found myself knocking at yet another door. In order to persevere, I don't just rely on my own strength, but instead I surround myself with people that believe in me, as they will prop me up when I will need it the most: a good word is often all we need.

The life journey can seem overwhelming if we try to plan our whole life in advance, but if we loosely sketch the main plan and divide it into some small manageable steps, then it becomes easier to achieve our goals.

Your NTU experience?
The university was a great environment, to be around like-minded people wanting something more from life. The university helped me tremendously to "make" me, to develop the skills that I needed for a graduate job. Completing my degree became yet another stepping stone, bringing me closer to my dream career.

Advice for others?
Aim boldly and concentrate on the next step, and value time spent with people who support you. Try to avoid distractions, set your goals, and believe in their fulfillment - learn to enjoy what you are doing, despite the adversity, and put your heart into it.

Determination is something you have to develop in order to achieve your goals. Focus also on the small things - as the proverb says: "It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out - it's the grain of sand in your shoe."

It is sometimes difficult to connect the dots of our past experiences that will eventually form the line of our life or work career. It is important to want more, to be courageous about the choices, and to persevere in them. Brace yourself for meeting those who may say "no" on your path - be kind and persevere. And whenever you look in the mirror, tell yourself: "You can do it"!

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
All of the people I met at the university were very friendly, and the lecturers were very professional and supportive, and keen to make us think.

Career highlights?
I started working as a junior project manager. It is a new chapter in my life that I am enjoying a lot, and looking back it was quite a journey to get here!

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
I was keen to listen to what older people have to say, including lengthy phone calls with my dad. They are often full of wisdom ready to be shared.

There is also a lot of advice and inspiration all around us - we just need to be keen to listen and to read it.

Plans for the future?
I am living my dream at the moment and I want to continue growing.

Eventually, I want to design my own house. I am still thinking that it will be great to provide people with housing that is comfortable, sustainable, and economic. That is my plan C, I guess. With an aim of solving the housing problem by engaging the community.
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