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Online Graduate Profile Sukhjit S Ghuman 27/06/2017  
Name: Sukhi Ghuman
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quote: [NTU is great and Nottingham is a fantastic city. It has a strong Law School and studying there allowed me to develop my skills and put myself before the top law firms in the country. I learned a lot and the commercial awareness I acquired helped me to set up on my own.]

Course: LLB Hons Law
Year: 1999
Job title: Group Chairman & CEO
Employer: Octavian Group

Current role?
I am Group Chairman & CEO for the Octavian Group. Although we were originally set up in the security business, I am currently overseeing our expansion into other business areas such as IT.

Typical day?
Things change all the time, so there isn't really a "typical" day, although these days I'm mostly based in the USA office.

Career developments?
After NTU I studied for a postgraduate degree at DeMontfort University and went on to practice Law for four years. I had a discussion with one of my clients about the pitfalls and lack of professionalism in the security industry and together we came up with a business idea to transform the industry's service.

Your NTU experience?
NTU is great and Nottingham is a fantastic city. It has a strong Law School and studying there allowed me to develop my skills and put myself before the top law firms in the country. I learned a lot and the commercial awareness I acquired helped me to set up on my own. Of course, University also provides you with good social skills and I'm delighted to say that I have kept in touch with many friends from my university days.
NTU is close to my heart. It's a great place to study and I really enjoyed my time there. I felt it had just the right balance between studying hard and having fun. It was a very relaxed and supportive atmosphere. I was really impressed!

Advice for others?
Starting out as an entrepreneur is tough. Unless you have financial backing when you start out it is really hard work. You just have to go for it! It's hard work, and there are some long days, but it really can pay off. I'd advise anybody planning to become an entrepreneur to gain some experience in the world of work before setting up on your own. It is also important to keep at the cutting edge of everything you do. Keep an eye on your competitors!

Career highlights?
There isn't one single highlight, although getting my big break at top law firm Nabarro Nathanson (my second job after finishing university) was brilliant! I'd already started the business at that point so everything came at once!

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
I'm very ambitious and hungry to succeed - that's what drives me on.

Plans for the future?
I want Octavian to excel and become a multinational organisation. However, I try not to plan too far ahead. Of course, the most important thing is to have some fun also!
Online Graduate Profile Kevin Springthorpe 27/06/2017  
Name: Kevin Springthorpe
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quote: [I like the fresh thinking that comes from graduates, the 'can do' mentality, the sometimes 'avant garde' approach.]
Course: Telecommunications
Year: 1980
Job Title: Managing Director
Employer: Springthorpe Solutions

Current Role?
Providing Management Services to businesses, namely business development, Interim Management and Change Management.

Career Developments?
I progressed from qualifying as a Telecommunications Technician, through Product Development Engineering to a Technical Manager position. I then took courses in Sales and studied Product Marketing at Cranfield School of Management. This enabled me to become a Business Development Manager and then Managing Director.

There have been many, many challenges in my career. From defending design rights in the High Court in London, through multi-million pound global contract negotiations to taking over a failing business and turning it around. I overcome challenges by assembling as much data and evidence as possible and making rational decisions. You have to understand the basics to succeed. Two sayings spring to mind; "No challenge, no future" and "The only constant in business, is change"

Your experience at NTU?
It was a long time ago, but studying at NTU gave me the confidence to believe that my analysis of problems and the judgements that could then be made were sound.

Career highlights?
Without doubt it is my achievement of taking over a business that was losing £1.5 million. Then changing and recruiting a management team, motivating the employees, developing the sales and marketing strategy, overseeing new product development, devising KPI's as a method of control and implementing tight fiscal management. The result was a £1.5 million profit within three years.

How do you feel alumni can help our new graduates?
I like the fresh thinking that comes from graduates, the "can do" mentality, the sometimes "avant garde" approach. What graduates do not have is massive business experience. If alumni can impart some of their experiences to them, to help them to be ready to circumvent potential problems, then it is a worthwhile use of their spare time.

Any other information?
I am a problem solver, and a motivator and I am really easy to get on with and to approach. My style is one of "my door being always open". I have a daughter who is in her final year at the University of York, studying English Language and Linguistics. I understand the issues of being at university and being away from home. I'm living it right now.

Online Graduate Profile Susan H Green 20/06/2017  
Name: Sue Green
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quote: [Studying at Nottingham Trent was a fantastic experience … the lecturers were inspirational.]

Course: MSc Strategic Human Resource Management
Year: 2009
Job title: Director
Employer: Evergreen HR Limited

Current role?
Providing high quality and commercially focused HR consultancy and training solutions to organisations.

Typical day?
Working with a diverse range of clients and identifying opportunities to add value to their performance.

Career developments?
Having left the corporate world in 2010, taking the opportunity to travel around the world for six months, I started my business in June 2011. Working for myself has been a long-term ambition of mine and I haven't looked back. Six years later and I have developed a network of fantastic people, a great client base and I have now expanded my business so that we now offer HR software ( to our clients. This took two years to develop but I am now the proud owner, which means that we can be flexible in what we offer to our clients.

The biggest challenge has been getting my business off the ground and making contacts so the first couple of years were challenging, particularly given the economic climate at the time. I think that the key learnings that I have gained from this experience have been to make sure that you know what your customer wants, to target the markets where you are going to find these customers, to be flexible to your customer requirements and show how you can add value financially.

Your NTU experience?
Studying for my Masters degree at Nottingham Trent was a fantastic experience as it really opened my eyes to the breadth of what HR covers, particularly from a strategic perspective and the lecturers were inspirational.

Advice for others?
Believe in yourself and work hard for what you want to achieve.

Any exam revision tips?
Be focused and passionate about your subject and clearly communicate your understanding.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
I found it to be an incredibly supportive environment and loved my time studying at Nottingham Trent.

Career highlights?
Working for myself and developing my software. It's been a fantastic achievement and something that I am very proud of.

Top tips for job seeking?
Be focused about the role that you are looking for. Be creative about where you look for roles as 75% of vacancies aren't advertised so talk to your friends, use Facebook and LinkedIn and contact companies that you'd like to work for.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
From life experience and from the motivational speaker the late Wayne Dyer.

Plans for the future?
To continue to enjoy what I am doing and to grow my client base nationally.
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