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One to one industry mentoring

Are you a final year student just about to graduate? Would you benefit from support and guidance from an Industry Mentor after graduating?

Why not sign up today via Future You and connect with an Alumni Fellow who can provide mentoring support for that crucial period after leaving university and help you transition into the workplace, or support you in your search for your first graduate role. 

Our Alumni Fellows all studied at NTU (just like you), have at least two years of professional experience, and will be delighted to support you by sharing their skills, experience and expertise.

Mentoring can take place face to face, in public places such as the university campus, or remotely via telephone, email, or Skype. Alumni Fellows across the UK and internationally are keen to support final year students and offer them the benefit of their professional insight. Students will be matched with mentors who studied relevant subjects, or work in relevant industry sectors. Students will receive information about their mentors once they are matched.

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