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Welcome to your Alumni Community. Now that you have graduated you join the ranks of over 200,000 former students (alumni) worldwide and can benefit from a wide range of continued support and alumni benefits. Find out more about reasons and ways to keep in touch.


Social media

Share your graduation snaps and keep connected by joining your Alumni Community on social media. 
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Further study

Advance your career through postgraduate study and you could receive up to 20% off your course fees. 


Postgraduate study


Benefits and services

Enjoy continued use of NTU's libraries and discount on NTU Active Membership as well as other great offers.
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Keep in touch!

Membership to the NTU Alumni Community is free and includes continued access to the services of the Employability Team - all you need to do is ensure we have your most up to date contact details.


Future You - Employability

Practical advice, ideas and starting points for taking your next steps - right now, for three years after you graduate and forever online. Find out more...
Future You