Here are some of the weddings we have heard about recently. To have your wedding or civil partnership featured here email with your news and a photograph.




Hyeson “Eileen” Park (BA Hons Multimedia 2012) and Tobias Sample (BA Hons Multimedia 2012 and MA Puppetry and Digital Animation 2013)

Hyeson and Toby first met when they were studying multimedia at NTU. Hyeson remembers first meeting in a computer room in the Waverley building.

After graduating in 2012, they continued with a long distance relationship as Toby remained studying in Nottingham, whilst Hyeson moved to London and finally returned to Korea.

Toby then decided to move to Korea to be with Hyeson, and arrived there in late 2014 after learning Korean and training to become an English teacher.

Their wedding took place on 1 April 2017 in Korea, and family and friends from UK were there to celebrate the big day with them.

Hyeson works for the Seoul Design Foundation, managing the website for the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul. Toby is working as an English teacher and is planning to change his job to a video compositor. He also has his own You Tube channel making videos about living in Korea. 


Keyang Lew (BSc Hons Software Engineering 2010 and MSc Multimedia Games Engineering 2011) Yee En Chan (BA Hons Media with International Relations 2011)

 Keyang and Yee En met at the Nottingham Trent University Malaysian Society welcome dinner. She was the president of the society starting her second year of her degree and he was completing his final year. They got closer as they were living in the Clifton campus. Yee En invited Keyang over to her house for a few meals and a bowl of hot porridge finally captured his heart and held him spellbound. They got together a few weeks later on 4 November 2009.

They were almost inseparable ever since and lived together throughout their time in the UK. When he landed a programming job in the small town of Newark, she moved into Newark with him but continued her Master’s degree in Nottingham. In 2013, they came back to Malaysia for good and began to work for the same company.

Finally he proposed in April 2017 and they got married legally on their eighth anniversary, followed by a traditional wedding day on 14 January 2018. Their wedding in Malaysia was a perfect venue for the alumni to get together with some flying in from the UK and Singapore.


Felicity Moody (BSc Hons Zoo Biology 2013) and Jonathan Ball (BSc Hons Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management 2013) 

Felicity and Jonny met on Felicity’s first night of Fresher’s week, and got together two weeks later on the 14 October 2010. 

Six years later, as a surprise, Jonny took Felicity for a few nights in Nottingham for their anniversary. On the 14 October 2016 they returned to Brackenhurst Campus, where they went for a walk and did lots of reminiscing about their time there. Jonny took Felicity to the wooded area and proposed on the bridge. (He asked if he needed to get down on one knee!)

You may notice a pattern now, but on the 14 October 2017 they were married at Chafford Park in Tunbridge Wells. 

Alumni in attendance included Nicole Patching, who was a bridesmaid, and Tom McAllister, both ECCM 2013 graduates. Also Lewis Widdowson, David Clarke, Adam Day and Mark Clipsham, all Physical Geography 2103 graduates. 

Felicity and Jonny honeymooned in Kenya - four nights on safari in the Masai Mara and a week on the beach in Zanzibar. Felicity described it as: “an absolute busman’s holiday for me as I'm a carnivore keeper in a zoo, but it was incredible!” 



Priya Palan (BA Hons Furniture and Product Design 2013) and Manveer Singh Gill (BA Hons Psychology and Sociology 2011)

Priya and Manveer first met on a Halloween night out in Nottingham city centre on 31 October 2007…and they married eight years later on 31 October 2015. Their first date was going to watch a horror film at the cinema and have been together ever since.

They got married in Birmingham and were joined by many NTU alumni on their big day, including Alpita Chavda, Raj Singh Badwal, Navdeep Gidda, Jagjit Khalsi, Jayesh Mistry, Bahadur Singh Johal, Harshita Pala, Ravinder Cheema, Arrun Kaushal, Jagtar Singh, Gurjeev Bola, Tiranveer Sandhu, Kabir Sandhu, Puneet Gidda, Diksha Ladwa, Gary Singh.



Lauren Pinhorn (BA Hons Photography 2010) and Matt Barrett (BA Fine Art 2010)

Lauren and Matt met in their very first week at NTU. Lauren went to her first seminar and met two girls who would become friends for life - Annie Jewel, now Hutchison, (BA Hons Photography 2010) and Becci Green (BA Hons Photography 2010). Annie invited them back to her flat at Simpson Halls for the afternoon, where Lauren met Matt, one of her flatmates. They got to know each other over the first couple of months and were together by Christmas - with a gentle nudge from Annie! 

Annie and Becci both attended the wedding, as did lots of other alumni - all from Simpsons Halls - including James Brigham, Martin Bonney, Duane Rodney, Elliot Clayton, Mohit Mitra and Helen McCabe. Their photographer was Jonty Howe (BA Hons Photography 2010), who has also photographed several of their course-mates' weddings!

Lauren and Matt got married in Sussex in August 2016 and honeymooned in Lake Como, Italy. 

Lauren said: "I love that we have such a huge group of alumni friends and that we've all kept in contact and see each other as much as we can!"

Amanda Eason (BA History 2009) and Phill Monk (BA Human Geography 2008)

Amanda and Phill met during her Freshers Week in 2006; Phill was a year ahead at NTU. They became good friends before this developed into a relationship.

They married on 1 August 2015 at St Mary's Church, Linton, Cambridge with a wedding reception at Chilford Hall.

NTU alumni that attended were David Philebrown and Danielle Peet. 

Wedding photographer: Charlene Howell-Carson



Cherie Amner (BA Hons Fashion Marketing and Communication 2008) and Nick Laughton (BA Hons Furniture and Product Design 2008)

After an epic proposal on City Campus ( Nick and Cherie got married on 16 April 2016 at St James’ Church in Chipping Campden (The Cotswolds). They had their reception at a private estate called Fox Hill Manor and spent two weeks on honeymoon in the Maldives. 









Sarah Priestland (BA Hons Childhood Studies 2008) and Chris Priestland (BSc Hons Computer Studies 2009)

Sarah and Chris were both at NTU at the same time, on the same campus, in buildings opposite each other with some of the same friends but never crossed paths! They only met each other through a website and after talking for a while realised they both came to NTU.

Sarah and Chis got married October 2015 in Chilwell, Nottingham and had their reception at the Walled Gardens in Beeston, Nottingham. They went to Jamaica for their honeymoon at Christmas. 

One other NTU alumnus attended, Chris Ford (BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science 2008).




Sarah Chris Priestland

Annamay Simpson (BSc Animal Biology 2013 and
Andrew White (BSc Hons Geography (Physical) 2014)

Annamay and Andrew met in the Brackenhurst Library whilst they were students at NTU. They were married at Cockliffe Country House on Sunday 25 September 2016.  They had a mini-moon in Cromer, Norfolk, and hope to have their main honeymoon in Crete at a later date.

Their wedding was also a mini-reunion as they were joined by many of their NTU alumni friends who helped them celebrate their special day.

Wedding photographer: 1837 Photography

Annamay Simpson and Andrew White

Emma Claridge (LLB Hons Law 2012) and Laurence Vickers (BSc Hons Building Surveying 2011 and MSc Construction Management 2012) 

Emma and Laurence met at the start of their final year at Nottingham Trent University and after a few months they were inseparable. After they finished at NTU, Emma went on to complete an MLSc in Sweden, prior to returning to the UK to complete the LPC and subsequently undertake her training contract. Laurence went on to work on large-scale infrastructure projects and has subsequently started his own business. Laurence proposed to Emma on a later visit back to Sweden in October 2013.

Emma and Laurence were married 10 October 2015 at St. Nicholas Church, Codsall with the reception held at Pendrell Hall, Staffordshire. They had an amazing honeymoon cruising around the Mediterranean Sea.

Other NTU Alumni at the wedding included: Alan Gardner (BSc Computer Studies 1996, Brother in law), Laura Barkley (BA Social Work 2012, Bridesmaid), Christopher Green (Usher), Ruth Wood (BA Hons Graphic Design 2012), Ro Bennett (MA Fashion Marketing and Communication 2011), Natalie Theobald (BA Hons Photography 2010), Natasha Hybner (LLB Hons Academic Undergraduate Program 2012), Samantha Boatwright (LLB Hons Law 2011) and Lauren Jennings (BSc Hons Psychology 2013).

Wedding photographer: Michelle Sperling

Emma Claridge & Laurence Vickers with friends

Emma Claridge & Laurence Vickers

Sarah Brine (BA Hons English Literature with Media and Cultural Studies 2007) and Lee Boon (BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science 2007)

Sarah first met Lee on her first day at Nottingham Trent University. They became good friends and had lots of laughs together. Finally during their second year the friendship blossomed and they saw each other as more than just good friends. In their third year the relationship became official and after being together for two years, Sarah moved to Peterborough from Berkshire to be with Lee. They lived there for two years and then moved back to Berkshire so Lee could undertake a Masters and Sarah a PGCE. After eight years together Lee finally proposed and they began to organise a wedding.

On a sunny Saturday in October 2014 Sarah and Lee married at the beautiful St Mary's Church in Beenham followed by a reception at Ufton Court where they were joined by 110 happy guests. In April 2015 they went on their honeymoon to the West Coast of America, visiting; San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach and Monterey.  

Quite a few NTU alumni attended the wedding including Ashley English, Kelvin Fletcher (both BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science 2007) and Rob Dunn (BA Hons Media and Cultural Studies 2008) who were Ushers. Bridesmaids were; Lynsey Cosford, Tanya Brown (both BA Hons Communication Studies 2007), and Ali Castriotis (BA Hons Media and Cultural Studies 2007). Also attending were; David Berry (BA Hons Humanities 2008), Chris Pavey (BSc Hons Media and Cultural Studies with Sociology Psychology 2007), Nick Hartley (BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science 2007), Amy Hoyle (BA Hons English and Media and Cultural Studies 2007), Rachael Shelton (BA Hons Primary Education 2008), Hannah Fletcher (BA Hons Primary Education 2008) and Kirsty Roberts (BA Hons Communication Studies 2008).


Sarah Brine and Lee Boon

Michael Drukker (BA Hons Business Studies 2008) and Alison Tureck (BA Childhood Studies 2008)

Michael and Alison actually knew each other before university and were friends. They got together whilst at NTU and got married in September 2015 at Shendish Manor, Kings Langley. The reception was there too.

Quite a few alumni attended the wedding including; Julia Hamid (BA Hons Furniture and Product Design 2008), Jane Ta (BA Hone Business Studies 2008), Joel Robin (BA Hons International Relations and Global Politics 2007), James Stone (BA Hons Business Studies 2007) and Laura Broughton (BA Hons Fashion and Textile Management 2011). The ushers were Mitesh Mistry (BSc Hons Computer Science 2008) and Joel Lewinson (BA Hons Business and Financial Services 2008).

Their honeymoon was in Sri Lanka.

Tim Abbott  (BA Hons Broadcast Journalism 2004)

Tim met his wife, Sonja Peterson, online during a mixture of health care advocacy groups and baseball. They  married in August 2014 at Island Park Gazebo in Fargo, North Dakota followed by a reception at Hotel Donaldson, also in Fargo. Tim will soon be emigrating to Minnesota to be with Sonja when his green card has been processed.

Tim Abbott

Nicola Brownbill nee Arrowsmith (BA Hons Media and Cultural Studies and Sociology Psychology 2005)

Nicola met Kris in a gym in Warrington in 2013. They jetted off to Las Vegas and had a Super Heroes wedding on 5 July 2014. They then celebrated by going on a bar crawl in old town Las Vegas with their superhero guests! After Las Vegas they honeymooned in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego for nearly four weeks. 

Nicola Brownhill

Catherine Reed nee Preece (BA Hons International Fashion Business 2006)

Cat met her husband Tim in a nightclub in Colchester six months before she started at NTU.  They stayed together throughout University and got married 27 July 2013 at The Reid Rooms, Great Dunmow Essex where they also held the reception. They had a lovely honeymoon in Bali.

Other NTU Alumni to attend the wedding were: Louise Smith nee Pocock (BA Hons Social Work 2006), Sarah Clarke (Bar Vocational Course 2006) and John Chisholm (BA Hons Broadcast Journalism 2006).

Catherine Reed

Sara Kent (BA Hons Business Studies 2005)

Sara met her husband Steven Armstrong after she graduated from NTU and went to Leeds to work for Warburtons. Her housemate at the time played hockey with Steve and set them up on a date. After dating for a short while they were both relocated with work to Manchester and moved in together – it was fate!

Sara and Steven got married on 11 October 2014 and had the ceremony and reception at Abbeywood Estate, Delamere Forest, Cheshire. Sara says: ”it was a beautiful setting in acres of grounds, with views over Cheshire.” They went to Sri Lanka and Dubai for their Honeymoon.

Other NTU alumni to attend their wedding, all on the same course as Sara, were: Hannah Dobson (who was bridesmaid), Lindsey Key, Melanie Lowis (nee Dunn), Helen Gordon, Scott Keith, Rose Fitch (nee Johnson) and Zoe Fusco (nee Craig-Tyler).

Photography was by Pixies in the Cellar Wedding Photography.



Sara Kent, BA Hons Business Studies 2005

Varshaa Sriram (ProDip Legal Practice Course 2011)

Varshaa married husband Hari Rajagopal in Bangalore, India on 6 February 2015. This followed with various wedding related events across multiple cities in India, including temple visits, culminating in a religious ceremony on 20 February 2015. 

Their honeymoon was in Mauritius for a week. 

Varshaa Sriram

Chris Laws (BSc Hons Business Information Systems 2007)

Katherine Brice (BA Hons Multimedia 2008)

Chris and Katherine met in their first few months in Nottingham at their part-time bar job and from that moment became inseparable! After eight years of being together and travelling the world, Chris proposed in New York and took Katherine to Tiffany's for the ring.

Chris and Katherine got married on Friday 22 August 2014 at St Peter and St Paul Church, Alconbury followed by a reception at Rectory Farm, Cambridge. Their honeymoon was an independent three week Route 66 Road Trip. They have just celebrated ten years together as well!

Other alumni that attended the wedding were Chris' best friends from University; Craig Clarke (BSc Hons Information Systems 2008), Matt Plowman (BSc Hons Information Systems 2007), Tommy Haywood (BSc Hons Information Systems 2007) and James Wright (BSc Architectural Technology 2007) as well as Katherine’s friend Victoria Barnes (BA Hons Interior Architecture and Design 2010) who she lived with in her final year. Katherine’s bridesmaid was best friend Suckhjit Dhuck who she met in her first year in Nottingham whilst doing a Media course at NCN.  

Chris Laws & Katherine Brice

Caris Henry (BA Hons Politics 2005)

Caris met his wife Becky whilst working at Tuntum Housing Association after he left NTU. He started in 2005 and Becky joined in 2006. They worked together in the Chief Executive’s Directorate on many projects, including developing a new website for the company and the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival.

They married at Nottingham Council House on 28 June 2014 and the reception was in the Arkwright Rooms at Nottingham Trent University. Caris said: We had an absolutely fantastic day, much of which was thanks to Charlotte and her team. They made us feel so comfortable, cared after and accommodated all of our requests. Everyone complimented us on the beautiful venue, fantastic food, service and people. It was a great feeling celebrating my marriage at my former university. Thank you again for making both us and our guests feel so special.”

Alumni Chris Lee (BSc Hons Applied Biology 2004) attended the wedding.

Caris and Becky went to Monaco for their honeymoon followed by Disneyland Paris with their daughter Jools for their familymoon.

Photography by One Love  


Caris Henry with wife Becky

Emma Murfet (BA Hons Childhood Studies 2010)

Sam Devenish (BA Hons Media with Film and Television 2010)

Emma and Sam met whilst studying in sixth form in 2005 and chose to come to Nottingham Trent University together. Sam proposed in 2012 whilst on holiday in Feurteventura and they got married in Lincoln 24 August 2013 followed by a honeymoon in Ceret, France. One of Emma’s bridesmaids, Katie Spooner (BA Hons Childhood Studies 2010), was on the same course as her.


Emma Murfet and Sam Devenish

Satarupa Ghosh (LLM Law 2012)


Satarupa’s love story started in Nottingham as she met her husband Partha Roy,who studied Accountancy at  Manchester Metropolitan University, whilst studying at NTU. Satarupa got married at a gorgeous countryside resort in India as the groom had never visited there before. The event started on 25 November 2013 and took place over three days. The reception was back in Manchester, England.  


The couple have yet to go on their honeymoon as they are so busy!  Also at the wedding was alumna Sween Joneja (MSc Management and Human Resource Management 2012).


Satarupa Ghosh_LLM Law 2012

Jo Darvell (BA Hons Design Management for the Creative Industries 2006)

Jo met her future husband Matt through Milton Keynes Hockey Club after leaving NTU. They married at Moore Place in Aspley Guise on 5 July 2014 followed by a reception at Woburn Safari Park. Their honeymoon was in New York and Cancun.

Jo’s bridesmaids were NTU alumna Andrea Vassallo (BA Hons Photography 2006) and Lauren Geddes (BA Hons Business Studies 2007) who she met through the NTU Hockey club.

Jo Darvell with bridesmaids Andrea Vassallo & Lauren Geddes

Sabrina Andrews (BA Hons Humanities 2008)

Sabrina met her husband Ian Andrews after she left NTU whilst doing an MA at Goldsmiths College, London.  They got married on 24 May 2014, at St Gregory's Church, Dawlish. The reception was held at The Bickley Mill Inn, Newton Abbot, Devon. The happy couple then went on their honeymoon to Mauritius in August 2014.

Some NTU alumna attended; Zoe MacPhail (BA Hons History 2008) and Jenny Leafe (BA Hons Communication Studies 2008).


Jenna Libardi (BA Hons Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles 2008)

Jenna met her husband Remi online whilst she was on her placement year in 2007 and they moved in together in her final year at NTU. Jenna and Remi got married on 26 April 2014 at All Hallows church in Gedling, Nottingham followed by a reception in a marquee in Gunthorpe, Nottingham.  Their honeymoon was in Barcelona.

NTU alumni who attended were: Claire Ali (BA Hons Landscape Interior and Design 2007), Jenny Lewis (BSc Hons Psychology 2010), Susan Crown (BA Hons Business Studies 2003) and Tony Crown (BA Hons Accounting and Finance 2003).

Photographs by Claire Hillyard photography.

Jenna Libardi

Sarah Wright (BA Hons Childhood Studies 2010)
Benjamin Gregg (BSc Sports and Exercise Science 2011)

Ben and Sarah met during their first year at Nottingham Trent University and became good friends. As second year approached their relationship bloomed and became official and after being together for five years, Sarah moved to Norwich from Sheffield to be with Ben. After an exciting engagement at a local restaurant, Ben and Sarah started to organise the wedding of the year.

On a sunny Friday in August 2014 Ben and Sarah married at the beautiful Dunston Hall joined by 120 happy guests. The sun continued to shine as they whisked themselves away to the Dominican Republic three days later! 

NTU alumni attending the wedding included;  Adam Crooks (BSc Hons Planning and Property Development 2011), Eleanor Sullivan (BA Hons Media with Film and Television 2010), Steve Prince (BA Sport and Leisure and Educational Development 2011) and Nathan Freeman (BA Hons Criminology 2010).

Luis Holden photography  

Sarah Wright and Ben Gregg

Rev Bob Stephens (BA Hons Human Services 2003)

Bob met his wife Sue Burdus while he was training for the Ministry. Bob and Sue married on 18 January 2014 at St. John's Church, Bulwell, Nottingham.  They are both retired and Bob is continuing his Ministry in Bulwell.

 Rev Bob Stephens

Emma Lomas (BA Hons English 2010)
Kevin Woodward (BSc Hons Digital Media Technology 2010)

Emma and Kevin met on their first day at University in September 2007 as they shared Flat 10 in Block B of Peverell on the Clifton Campus and after lots of nights out in the Point, Ocean and Oceana they finally got together in March 2008. They both graduated in July 2010.

Emma and Kevin got married in Sheffield and honeymooned in Marbella, Spain.

 Emma Lomas & Kevin Woodward

Verity Nottingham (BSc Hons Real Estate Management 2011)
James Cubitt (BSc Hons Real Estate Management 2001)

Verity met James whilst on her sandwich year at Colliers International in Birmingham and they carried on their relationship when she returned to Nottingham for her final year. James had graduated some years before so was able to relive his University days in the Students' Union and various pubs and clubs! They got married on 15 June 2013 in Falmouth, Cornwall and the reception was held at the Royal Duchy Hotel. They travelled around Croatia for their honeymoon.

Lots of alumni attended the wedding. Bridesmaids included Kelly Hamer, Rachel Perry and Rebecca Meadows (all BSc Hons Real Estate Management 2011). The register was witnessed by James Houghton (BSc Hons Estate Management 2000).

 Verity Nottingham and James Cubitt

Marcus Boocock (BA Hons Communication Studies 2004)

Marcus married Laura Nash at Ringwood Hall in Brimington, near Chesterfield in October 2013. The wedding was a little over four years since they met online and two years to the day since Marcus proposed whilst on holiday in Belek, Turkey. Their wedding was attended by 70 family and friends. Four days after the wedding, the newlyweds were chauffer driven to Heathrow Airport where they jetted off to Mauritius for two weeks where they went walking with lions, which was a dream of Mrs Boocock’s, and visited the uninhabited island of Ile Aux Cerfs.

Other alumni to attend the wedding were Anthony Goddard and Thomas Coales (both BA Hons Communication Studies 2004), Samantha Coales (BSc Chemistry 2004) and Isobel Scott (nee Hodgson) (BSc Sports Science and Management 2002).

 Marcus Boocock and Laura Nash

Kenneth Swift (FdSc Horticulture 2007)
Natalie Vajai (BSc Hons Equine Sports Science 2008)

Ken and Natalie met at Brackenhurst, their relationship grew at the Students' Union bar where Ken was team leader and Natalie was a bar assistant. They had an autumn themed wedding in October 2013 on the Isle of Mull at Duart Castle and their reception was in the local Village Hall. They then went on a warmer honeymoon to the Maldives.

Quite a few NTU alumni attended the wedding; Liam Stones (CertHE Physical Geography 2008), Megan Tilley (BSc Hons Physical Geography 2008), Jodie Needham (BSc Hons Animal Science 2008), Sam Richardson (BSc Hons Animal Science 2008), Richard Legg (BSc Animal Biology 2010), Emily Maycock (BSc Hons Equine Sports Science, Equestrian Psychology 2010), Kenny Eaton (BSc Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management 2008), James Lindsay (FdSc Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management 2009), Danielle Kirk (BSc Hons Geography, Physical 2009), Paul Ellis (FdSc Horticulture 2007) and Kate Lambert (BSc Equine Sports Science 2009). John Abba was best man and Bill Turner, Head of Security at Brackenhurst attended with Richard and Mandy Turner.

 Ken Swift and Natalie Vajai

Grant Prosser (BSc Hons Building Surveying 2005)
Cara Glover (BSc Psychology with Sports Science 2009)

Grant and Cara met at NTU through the Ultimate Frisbee Sports Club. They married in Holywood, just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland on 5 April 2013 followed by a reception at The Old Inn, Crawfordburn. They went a honeymoon to Lough Eske Castle Hotel in Donegal. NTU alumni who attended the wedding included Gareth Brookes (BA History 2009) and their bridesmaid was Emily Smith (BA Graphic Design 2008).

 Grant Prosser and Cara Glover

Pippa Brosgarth (BA Hons Fashion Marketing and Communication 2005)

Pippa first met Nick Frith in 2004.  Nick proposed to Pippa on Christmas Day 2010 in front of all her friends and family. Pippa married Nick in October 2103 at St Leonard’s Church in Wollaton, Nottingham with their son Lewis as a page boy. The reception was held at Walled Garden in Beeston Fields, Nottingham.  

 Pippa Brosgarth


Grant Clifford (BSc Hons Building 1998)

Grant met his wife Anne Cheverton whilst on a walk along the banks of the River Wey near Guildford. They married at St Mary's and St Nicholas Parish Church in Leatherhead, Surrey in September 2013. Their reception was at The Parrot Inn, Forest Green, Surrey. They went to Venice for their honeymoon.

 Grant Clifford

Tom Coales (BA Hons Communication Studies 2004)
Samantha Satchell (BSc Hons Chemistry 2004)

Tom and Samantha met at Peverell Halls of Residence on the Clifton campus. They got married on 31 August 2013 at St Mary and All Saints Church, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire then had their reception at The Fox Country Inn, Ibstone, Buckinghamshire. Their honeymoon was in the beautiful Illetas, Majorca.

Alumni attending the wedding were: Anthony Goddard, Marcus Boocock (both BA Hons Communication Studies 2004), Illy Andrews (nee Ademi, BSc Hons Mathematical Engineering 2005) and Kathryn Leeks (BA Hons Business Leisure and Sports Education 2004). Kiren Pooni (BA Hons Media and Cultural Studies 2004) and Lesley Anne Arshad (BA Hons Human Geography 2005) were both bridesmaids. James Corbitt (BA Hons Communication Studies 2006) was an usher.


 Tom Coales and Samantha Satchell

Louise Berrisford (BSc Hons Equine Sports Science 2003)

Louise met husband Tim Facer at a Volkswagen show in Malvern. They got married on 23 March 2013 at Celtic Haven, Lydstep near their home in Pembrokeshire. They had the ceremony and reception there with family and a couple of friends in attendance.


 Louise Facer (nee Berrisford)

Clare Warcup (BA Hons Business Leisure and Sports Education 2006) 

Clare and Alistair "Ally" Leek got married 6 October 2012 at St Michael the Archangel Church in Halam, Nottingham followed by a reception at Norwood Park, Southwell. With a bit of help from Ally’s mum, they did all of the wedding decorations themselves, including table runners, centre pieces, baskets of flip flops and toiletries, candles and silk flowers.  

The most memorable moment was when they said their vows to each other. Clare said: "At the rehearsal I was very emotional and couldn’t really get my words out, but on the day I was fine and I felt it was a romantic and special moment.  The best part was when the vicar said ‘I know pronounce you Husband and Wife’!"  

They rehearsed a first dance, starting with Stand By Me by Ben E King and then it went into I Feel Good by James Brown which Clare’s bridesmaid, an ex-dancer, helped them choreograph. 

 Clare Leek

Photo by 
Oehlers Photography

Margaret Barker (BA Hons European Business 1994)

Margaret married Paul Claridge in February 2013. They had a great day celebrating with family and friends. Alumni that attended their wedding were Julie Krueger (nee Christopher), Mary-Anne Edmonds, Nichola Bluff, Jo Fernandes (nee Abraham) and Andrea Davis, all alumni from the BA Hons European Business degree graduating in 1994.

Margaret and Paul are pictured here with their daughter Hannah Bluebell Claridge. 

Margaret Claridge

Valerie Marlow (BA Hons English 2006)
Val married Brendan Fisher in Las Vegas on 19 April 2013 at the world famous Little White Chapel. There was no Elvis minister, although they did see many Elvis impersonators whilst strolling down 'The Strip'!

Congratulations Val and Brendan!

 Val and Brendan Fisher

Hannah Cooper (BA Hons Primary Education 2008)
Kelvin Fletcher (BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science 2007)

Hannah and Kelvin first met at the Clifton Campus Union night 'Flirt' in January 2005 (where Joe Sculley from neighbours was making a personal appearance). They were engaged one snowy day in December 2010 in Cambridge after five years together.

The couple were married on 4 August 2012 at Belton Woods Hotel in Grantham and honeymooned in Kenya which included a safari.

Other alumni to attend the wedding were Ashley English (Best Man), Lee Boon (Best Man), David Berry (Usher), Chris Pavey (Usher), Robert Dunn, Nick Hartley, Sarah Brine (Bridesmaid), Tanya Brown (Bridesmaid), Lynsey Cosford, Ali Castriotis, Amy Hoyle, Rachael Shelton and Kirsty Roberts.


 Hannah Cooper & Kelvin Fletcher

Ben Davies (BSc Product Design 2006)
Nathalie Storey (BA Hons Communication Studies 2005)

Nathalie and Ben met at NTU on a university ski trip and shared a group of friends from the ski team. Ben was part of the NTU rugby team too and one Wednesday after a rugby match at Clifton, where Nathalie was based, his card got swallowed by the cash machine and he went into The Point bar to see if he knew anyone he could borrow a couple of pounds from to get the bus back into the city. Nathalie was there with friends and lent Ben the money - and he still hasn't paid her back! Shortly after, they were invited on a trip to Dartmouth at a mutual friends' house and it was then that their relationship started.
Ben and Nathalie got married 29 December 2012 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire at St Mary's Church and the reception was at Tewinbury Farm in Welwyn. Ben said "Without Trent we might have never have met and certainly wouldn't have such an awesome group of friends." They went to the Maldives on their honeymoon and then headed off to Dubai for a couple of nights to split up the return journey and enjoy the shopping, waterparks and architecture.
Just some of the alumni attending were: Stuart Harrison, Tom Van Den Dreissche, Kate Van Den Driessche (was Kate Slevin), Andrew Jones, Holly Jones (was Holly Sowden), Jonathan Gibson, Adam Fong, Barry Newman, Domino Purchas, Sam Plumbe, Alex Bailey, Nick Chirgwin, Amanda Tollafield, Rachel Thomas, Jessica Allen, Graham Pegg, Symon Bacon, Cat Richardson, Louise Fitton, Nick Adams, Rhys Evans and many more!!! 

Ben Davies & Nathalie Storey

Rebecca Payne (BSc Hons Forensic Science 2011)
Alex Reed (BSc Hons Environmental Conservation & Countryside Management 2011)


Alex and Rebecca met at the Ridings High School Sixth Form College. They both decided to study at NTU where Alex did Environmental Conservation at Brackenhurst and Rebecca studied Forensic Science at Clifton, both graduating in July 2011 and moving back to Bristol.


Alex proposed on 30 December 2011 and they got married on 31 August 2012 at Zion United Church in Frampton Cotterell.  The reception was held at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall and the couple had their honeymoon in Crete.


Alumni that attended the wedding included Gemma Hopper (BA Hons English 2011), Natalie Bailey (BA Hons Primary Education 2012), Jess Hawley (BA Hons Primary Education 2012), Steven O'Neill (BSc Hons Forensic Science 2011), Andrew Midgley (BSc Hons Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management 2011) and Scott Smith (BSc Hons Environmental Conservation and Countryside Management 2011).


 Rebecca Payne and Alex Reed

Nicola Shipman (BA Hons History with Politics 2008)
Graeme Eldridge (BA Hons Politics 2008)

Nicola and Graeme in their second year at NTU. A year and a half after graduating, they finally became an item and got engaged on Christmas Day 2010.

They tied the knot at St Mary’s Church on 25 August 2012 with a reception at the Riverside Suite in Luton. Nicola’s brother Simon Shipman (BA History with Politics 2011) gave Nicola away and friends of the couple, Helen Wilkin and Mike Walshe (both BA Hons Politics 2008) were their witnesses.

Other alumni to attend the wedding were Michael Scott and James Saunders (both BA Hons Politics 2008), Jake Turner (BA Hons Youth Studies 2009) James Bumstead (BA Hons Primary Education with QTS 1999), Alex Traylor (BEd Primary Education 1997) and Drew Traylor (BSc Hons Design and Technology Education 2000).  

Julie Broadhead (BA Hons Primary Education, 2005)

Julie has had an exceptional year as part of the Boccia coaching team for the London 2012 Paralympics, who went on to win a silver and bronze medal, and she also got married.

Julie met Ryan Bullock when she was delivering a Level One Boccia course. They got married on 27 October 2012 at Whitwell Church followed by a wedding reception at Rufford Abbey Country Park.  NTU alumni at the wedding included Fiona Bates, Amy Jacques, Matt Debic, Jo Debic and Matt Symons. 

Julie and Ryan will be honeymooning in the USA in 2013.  




Julie Broadhead

Jerome McFarlane (BA Hons Business Information Systems 2004)

Jerome met Sukhi (nee Virk) whilst working at NTU back in 2005 in the Newton building, before the renovation. Sukhi worked in Marketing and Jerome worked in the old eBusiness team, as it was called then.

They got married on the beach in Bel Ombre, Mauritius on 8 November 2012 and had a wedding party in Nottingham in December 2012 to celebrate with friends and family. 

As they both work at NTU, a lot of colleagues and alumni were at the party, including Sukhi’s sister Kulvir Virk, friends David and James Oates, David Dawson, Luke Casey, Gareth Bourne.  Also attending will be colleagues and friends James Stratton, Will Lomas and Neil Burden, to name a few.  


 Jerome McFarlane

Katherine Swanson (LLB Law 1995)

Kate married Paul Hogarth on 8 October 2011 in Hampton, Middlesex. Their reception was held in Kate’s parents garden in Hampton. The couple honeymooned in the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Hong Kong for five weeks. Other alumni to attend were Tori Taylor (nee Willday - BA Hons European Business 1995) and Matt Taylor (BA Hons Business Studies 1994).



Matt Balm (BSc Hons Planning & Residential Development 2005)
Gemma Wallace (BSc Hons Psychology & Social Sciences 2004)

Matt and Gemma met in the Students' Union during their first year in 2002. Matt finally proposed after ten years they were married on 4 August 2012 at All Saints Church, Great Horkesley, Colchester with the reception in a marquee in the village.
They enjoyed a short mini honeymon in Croatia which was followed by a longer honeymoon to Thailand.

Alumni attending included best man Richard Montague, bridesmaid Anna Butler, ushers Adam Robson, Tom Williams and Jonny Tagg. Also Jess Butterworth, Debbie Lemon (nee Jones), Jennifer Binns, Helen Wilkinson, Alice Clark (nee Williamson, Sarah Baker (nee Wooldridge), Ella Treasure (nee Pickover), Tom Wheatley, Jack Lemon, Barry Treasure, Phil Ashley, Paul Stacey, Russel Andrews, Matt Teale. 


Matt and Gemma Balm

Laura Walsh (BA Hons Business Studies 2006)
Daniel Walker (BA Hons Business Studies 2006)

Laura and Dan were married on 6 May 2012 at St Peter's Church in Ruddington, followed by a reception at Woodborough Hall.

Following the wedding they had a mini-moon in Venice and had their main honeymoon in New York later in the year.

Bestman and bridesmaids were all alumni – Damian Haigh, Anna Day and Beth Pell. 


Laura Hill (BSc Hons Animal Biology 2009)

Laura was married on 19 May 2012 to Lee Oversby.  They were married at St Michael's Church in Flixton, Manchester and their reception was held at Styal Lodge in Cheshire. They enjoyed their honeymoon in Mauritius.

Other alumni that attended the wedding were bridesmaid Katy Appleby and her partner Nick Cook.

Sarah Gill (BA Hons English with Creative Writing 2010 & PGCE Secondary Education 2012)

Sarah met her husband, Stuart Woodings, who is a web developer, in Derby where they were both living in 2006. They got married on 23 June 2012 in Campidoglio Hall in Rome, Italy.  The reception was held in a Trattoria near Piazza Navona. There were just 30 guests and they described their wedding as "bliss".  They honeymooned in Italy and Egypt.  

Judith Sutton (Cert Personnel Practice 2009)

Judith married Richard Freeman at the Judges Lodgings in Lincoln on 10 June 2011. For their honeymoon they rode motorbikes for two weeks and sailed from the UK to France and France to Spain where they stayed in Chateaux and fantastic hotels along the way. They biked through mountains, countryside, stayed in big cities and small villages. The highlight was visiting Salvador Dali’s museum and the cottage where he used to live and work in Northern Spain.








Emma Goff (BEd Hons Primary Education 1998)

Emma was married to Keith Longley on 17 December 2011 at The Grand Hotel in Eastbourne, where they also held their reception.

Katherine Langdon (BA Hons Fashion and Textile Management 2000)

Katherine married Paul Baker at St Peters Church, Wolvercote, Oxford with the reception in a marquee at Summerfields School, Oxford on April 16 2011. They enjoyed their honeymoon in Cape Town followed by total relaxation in Mauritius.

The picture opposite includes alumni Laura Watts, Rachel Stratton (nee Seaman), Lucy Kite (one of the Bridesmaids), Louise Foster and Ali Day (nee Wright). Also in attendance were alumni James Stratton, Matthew Ridgway, Tim Pring, Fergus Jagger and Tom and Rowena Freeland.


Alison Westwood (MA Property Investment and Management 2010)

On 3 June 2011 Alison married her partner of 10 years, Adam Moss near Bordeaux, South West France surrounded by a thousand acres of vineyards. Fifty family members and closest friends joined them on their special day including NTU alumni Richard Moss, Andy McKay, Abigail Trolley, Michael David Knight, Matthew Jon Pinnick and Helen Romanko.

The couple honeymooned in Sorrento, Italy and enjoyed a trip along the Amalfi coast, taking in the history at Pompeii and trying the local Limoncello at a market in Sorrento. They also enjoyed some wonderful cannelloni at 'o Parrucchiano’, the famous restaurant where it was invented, under a ceiling of fairy lights and lemon trees.



Sarah Rowlands (BA Hons International Relations 1997)
Rik Gunderson (BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering 1997)

Sarah and Rik first laid eyes on each other in the first week of Freshers but it took until the final year at University, where Rik was teaching on the Trent's STRIDE programme, before they finally started dating.

After 11 years together they finally tied the knot on Sunday 19 June 2011 at Wasing Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire. Other alumni to attend the wedding were Siobhan Mahon, Emma Orrock, Jonathan Billing, Rowena Osbourne, Priya Kaura, Michelle Erskine, Natalie O’Hara and Neeru Kumar.

They honeymooned in Japan.

Kelly Bradley and Ryan Camp (BA Hons Sociology 2006) 

Kelly and Ryan met ton the same course, and after a night at 'Walkabout' they haven't looked back since! Kelly and Ryan moved in together after university and after six years together, Ryan proposed on a birthday trip to Paris.

They were married on 12 August 2011 at The Priory Barns, Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire (Ryan's home county). Alumni who attended the wedding included Grace Harrison (nee Kirby) and Melissa Holian (nee Camp) who were both bridesmaids, Chris Morgan who was Best Man, Anika Modha, Kate Bench, Neil Raichura, Aiden Tracey, James Taylorson and Tom Holian.

They enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon to Singapore and Bali. 

Justine Whittern (HND Science (Applied Biology) 1987)

Justine Whittern married Jan Eeland in Piershil in the Netherlands on 26 August 2011. The reception took place on board the Hoop op Zegen (‘Hope of Blessing’), a traditional Dutch sailing barge out of Numansdorp harbour on the Haringvliet River, and took the party westwards around the island of Tiengemeten.

Justine's husband Jan is a volunteer head miller at the De Hoop windmill in Maasdam, Zuid-Holland, a qualified master miller and expert on windmill restoration.  The windmill at Maasdam was elaborately decorated to celebrate the marriage, according to a tradition of Dutch millers. One of the windmill's apprentices spent several days making large wooden carvings of the couple's initials, plus intertwined wedding rings and romantic hearts, which were all rigged between the windmill's sail stocks. As finishing touches, the canvas sails were twisted and woven in and out of the woodwork of the sail blades in a zig-zag pattern, bunting was strung between the four sail tips and the windmill was floodlit. 

Charis Morse (BA Hons Theatre Design 2009)

Charis married Ben Walker on 17 June 2011 at Kidderminster Registry Office.  The reception was held at the Cock & Magpie pub in Bewdley. They stayed in a cabin in Wales for their honeymoon as they had only just moved into their new house a week before the wedding.

Other alumni who also attended the wedding included Charis’ old house mate Sophie Scott, Caz Griffin, Jo Allen, Pasha Hudson, Kelly Garret, Catherine Morgan, Chloe Smith, Elizabeth Harris and Kate Studley.  

Charis runs a vintage and historical dress making and design business.  Visit for information.

Philip Harrison (LLB Hons Law 1998)

Philip met Rebecca Kenyon in 2006 after she was successfully chosen to make a radio package for BBC Radio Kent where Phil was her mentor. Little did the pair realise they were on the path to romance. As the project came to an end Phil swept Rebecca into a spur-of-the-moment kiss and asked if he could see her again.

After a few years of long distance relationship the couple visited Paris in June 2008. It was here that Phil grabbed Rebecca’s hand and proposed. The couple were married on 26 September 2009 at St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic Church in Longridge, followed by a reception at Barton Grange Hotel near Preston, Lancashire. They honeymooned in Mayan Riviera, Mexico – The Azul Sensatori resort.

Other alumni to attend the wedding included best man Gavin Abel, ushers Andrew Brotherston and Paul Scothern, and guests Tehira Taylor (nee Shafiq), William Worthington. Derren Langston, Stephen Hilden, Bahgwandass Jassi, Jennifer Barsby and William Rice.

Annemarie Robinson (BSc Hons Sport (Science and Management) 2003)

Annemarie was married to John Bushell (a joiner) on 21 December 2010 in Varadero, Cuba in a gazebo by the beach. They were married at a Sandals resort with immediate family and their Maid of Honour and partner present.

The newly weds honeymooned in Varadero and enjoyed the Caribbean weather whilst it snowed at home! Members of their family were stuck there as flights were cancelled for two days!

Upon Annemarie and John’s return they held a small reception at Fylde Rugby Club in Lytham, St. Annes and were greeted with many well wishes from fellow alumni.

Sarah Clark (BSc Hons Psychology 2006)
Craig McIntyre (BA Hons Business Economics 2006)

Sarah and Craig met at NTU when Craig replied to an advert that Sarah had posted on the NTU website looking for a flat mate. They lived together in a shared house for two years before officially getting together after graduation in 2006. 

In 2008 Craig took Sarah to New York for a weekend away and proposed to her at the top of the Empire State Building.

Sarah and Craig were married on 18 September 2010 at St Elphins Church, Warrington with the reception held in Lymm, Cheshire, and a honeymoon in the Maldives. Other alumni to attend the wedding were Charlotte Hopson, Matthew Tilson, Nic Vaile, Mark Vinter and Alex Bridgman.

Kaye Wilson (BA Hons Primary Education 2007)
Timothy Smale (BSc Hons Combined Studies in Sciences 2005)

Kaye and Tim met through the NTU Trampoline club where Tim was the treasurer of the club and Kaye was a very inexperienced beginner! After a night at 'The Works' and a date to the cinema, they haven’t looked back since!
Kaye and Tim stayed together all through university, with Tim proposing to Kaye in Paris two days after her graduation.

They were married on 8 August 2009 at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, Tim's home county. Alumni who attended the wedding were Sarah Thaw and Rachel Lineham who were both Bridesmaids, Susie De-Vos and Lucy Wallington who was one of Tim’s Groomsmen.

Marie-Claire Hoare (LLB Hons Law 1993, LPC 1995)

Marie-Claire was married to Paul Clinton on 9th October 2010. The ceremony took place at Arnold House in Rugby. The wedding was followed by a pub crawl to three pubs, eventually ending up at the Rugby Worker's Club where they danced the night away. They enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon in Malta.

Kim Lumber (Cert Personnel Practice 2006, PG Dip Human Resource Management 2009)
Richard Cutts (BSc Hons Engineering (Mechanical) 2005)

Kim and Richard were married on 4th September 2010 at Packington Moor Farm, where they also held their wedding reception. They enjoyed a relaxing week long honeymoon in a log cabin in Griffon Forest in Yorkshire. Ian Dewick (Usher) and Dave Baker, both NTU alumni also attended the wedding.

Kaye McBlain (MChem Chemistry 2004)
Neil Jordan (LLB Hons Europe with French 2003)

Kaye and Neil first met at NTU in the Point Student Union at Clifton Campus one evening in March 2001. It was there they discovered their mutual love of football, and their teams were to play against each other the next day. Neil used this as an excuse to get Kaye’s number, and the two have been together ever since.

Kaye and Neil have lived together in St Albans for the past five years, and were married in Tamworth on 29th May 2010. Their wedding was billed as ‘The Big Match of 2010’ and had a subtle football theme running throughout the day. For their honeymoon, they enjoyed a trip to South Africa which coincided with the 2010 World Cup.

Other alumni to enjoy the wedding were Kate Westrope & Jane Fraser (Bridesmaids), Ben Dodridge, Ben Fisher, Vicky Fielding, Allen Burridge and Jon Daniel.



Lorna Davis (BSc Hons Biomedical Science 2006)
Christopher Philpotts (BA Hons English and Geography 2005)

Lorna and Christopher met on their first day at NTU where they both shared the same flat in Peverell Hall. They were married on 28th July 2010 at The Ashes in Leek, followed by a blessing at St Lukes Church in Endon. They enjoyed their honeymoon in a cottage on the beach in Sennen, Cornwall, where they spent their time walking along the beach and toasting glasses whilst watching the sun set.
Gary Bunn, Scott Turrell and Iain Mack were part of the wedding party, all of whom are NTU alumni. Laura Bunn (nee Rodgers), Siobhan Gallagher, Bal Sodhi, Sasha Flavell, Lauren Clements, Sara-Jane Thompson, Matt Sammons, Rich Rawlinson, Ray Stones and Anna Town all helped to celebrate their special day, all NTU alumni and friends for life.



Laura Leatherland (LLB Hons Law 2009)

Laura married Scott Caress at The Lion Hotel, Belper, Derbyshire on 3rd April 2010, and enjoyed a two week honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Alumni to also enjoy the wedding day were Jon Wilson, Nicki Silfant, and Angela Dickinson.



Vicky Horrobin (LPC 2004)
Craig Harris (LPC 2004)

Vicky and Craig met at Nottingham Law School back in 2003. They were recently married at St Margaret's Church, Hornby, Lancashire with reception at Hoghton Tower. For their honeymoon, they went on safari in Tanzania.

Other NTU alumni to attend the wedding were Vicky's sister and chief bridesmaid Kelly Horrobin, Haylie Flatt, Sam Pennington, David Orrel, Vicky MacIntyre, James Cousins, Jonathan Tranter and Stuart Thomas.



Rebecca Spelzini (BA Hons Business Studies 2003, PG Dip Personnel Management 2006)
Rebecca met Edward Napper in Cambridge after being introduced by Rebecca’s younger sister. Rebecca and Edward were married in May 2010 at Pembroke College Chapel, and had their reception in a marquee at the Hotel Felix in Cambridge, with a honeymoon in St Lucia two weeks later. Fellow alumni to enjoy the day included Beckie Howard (nee Snape) and Lee Howard, Zoe Stevens, Laura Stevens (nee Stone) and Vicky Sevier (nee Jones).



Emily Coyne (Professional Studies in Psychology 2005, MSc Psychology 2006, PG Cert Higher Education 2009, current PhD student)
Chris Umfreville (PG Dip Law 2006, LLB Hons Law 2007, Legal Practice Course 2007)

Emily and Chris got married on 10 April 2010 at the Devonshire Dome in Buxton. They spent their honeymoon in South Africa.  The wedding was attended my many other NTU alumni, students and staff.


Claire Ahern (BA Hons Communication Studies 2005)
Benjamin Glenton (BSc Hons Sports Science and Management 2005)

Claire and Ben got married on 24 July 2010 in Wollaton, Nottingham.
They met at the Nottingham Trent Student night at Oceana nightclub in 2005 and have been together ever since.  Claire is now working as a radio producer for Smooth Radio and Ben is a Leisure Club manager.  They have a daughter Ella and still live in Nottingham.



Suzanne Trickett (BSc Hons Product Design 2003)
Richard Linford (BA Hons Product Design 2004)

Richard and Suzanne met at NTU at the end of their second year - and have been inseparable ever since!  They got married on 15 May 2010 in Bolton Abbey and had the reception in the Devonshire Fell in Burnsall.  It was a perfect, beautiful sunny day.  Richard and Suzanne had their honeymoon in Cornwall, cruising from beach to restaurant to beach again - the highlight being a meal in Jamie Oliver's restaurant at Watergate Bay, watching the sun set.
Although they are Product Design graduates, Richard and Suzanne are now both Architectural Technologists and hope to start a practice together one day.




Emma Fifield (HND Business Administration 1998)
Grant Reader (BA Hons Business Administration 1999)

Married on 22 August 2009 at St Mary Oatlands Church in Weybridge. The reception was held at Hampton Court House, Surrey.

Their special day was celebrated with fellow NTU alumni Lisa Steel (née Bradley), Michael Richardson, Sarah Thompson (née Clarke), Andrew Ross, Greig Scott and Bradley Crumbleholme.

Kiran Surdhar (BA Hons Social Sciences 2001)
Satnam Nandra (BSc Hons Computer Visualisation 2004)


Married on 5 July 2009 in London. The couple met in the Nottingham Trent Student Union in September 2000 and stayed together ever since.

Kiran is now working as a Broadcast Journalist for the BBC and Satnam works as a Web Developer for a scouting and recruitment company for professional football clubs across the UK and Europe.



Kate Barratt (BA Hons Design for Film and Television 2006)
Phil Brookes (BSc Hons Engineering (Mechanical) 2005)

Married on 11 April 2009 at Aldridge Parish Church. The couple celebrated after the service at Somerford Hall, Staffordshire with fellow alumni Tom Mclean, Simon Leeming, James Lancaster, Phil Berry, Rebecca Evans, Rebecca Sanders, Adam Wypyski, Owain Lewis and Sarah Dunnicliff.

Kate and Phil are planning a trip to Lombok and Singapore for their honeymoon.



Jo Parker (BA Hons Human Services 2003 and Primary Education PGCE 2005)
Phil Hale (BA Hons Business and Quality Management 2004)

Married on 7 March 2009 at Colwick Hall. The couple met at school 10 years ago and then came to university together. They had a 'mini honeymoon' to Youlgreave in Derbyshire after the wedding and are planning a ‘real’ honeymoon in the summer.

The day was celebrated with plenty of fellow alumni including Susan Parker, Jane Lees, Ash Akeroyd , Lucy Rogerson, Michelle Murphy, Chris Hodgson, Matt Brennan, Matt and Fiona Cranwell, Ben Cookman, Russell Whit, Emma Daly, Phil Hennis, Mike Cobb, Naomi Heywood (née Jones), Andrew Lyon, Dave Carter, Chris Hodgson, Matt Brennan and Clare Warcup.