NTU alumna Kitty shares her industry experience with students

16 December 2016

Kitty Hawkins graduated from our BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making course in 2014 and has recently returned to NTU to give a guest lecture to current students.

Since graduating, Kitty has gained a wide range of industry experience working on shows such as Mrs Henderson Presents, Sir Kenneth Branagh’s The Winter's Tale, A Damsel In Distress, Karagula and Deathwatch. Currently Kitty is working as a freelance costume designer, maker and supervisor and is the head designer and maker for The Box, a burlesque club in Soho.

During her presentation, Kitty gave our Costume Design and Making students advice on freelancing, networking, and how to face the industry. She said: “For me, NTU was a place to experiment; there’s so much to learn in such a short space of time. I chose NTU because it doesn't make you choose between designing and making. You become far more employable if you're able to do both, as it can open up a wider range of jobs in the future.”

Kitty encouraged the students to embrace all opportunities and to 'always say yes’. She stressed the importance of building strong relationships across the course, mentioning that she has employed other Costume Design and Making graduates who she studied with during her time at NTU.

Final Year student, Georgina Crust told us: “It is exciting and reassuring to hear about future work opportunities. It’s been really helpful discussing with Kitty where to go to and who to speak to about obtaining work opportunities.”

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